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October 20, 2011

Do U know why it is so hard learning english???

Take a look at this, talk so fast as U can (if it's possible a fast talk) and translate to your language:

Level 1 (Basic)

1) three witches watch three Swatch watches.

Level 2 (Advanced)

2)  three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?

Level 3 (Extra-Advanced)

3) three Swedish witches watch three Swiss Swatch watches switches. Which Swedish witch watch which Swiss Swatch watch switch?

12:12 PM Dec 07 2016

United States

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05:42 PM Aug 05 2013


VOLTSSuper Member!

me too at the first try... but dont worry ... we are improving... :)

08:52 AM Jul 29 2013


Russian Federation

I have stumbled at the first level as my English is not good yet :(

01:19 PM Jun 09 2012


VOLTSSuper Member!

hey dude... that's true... thank u for your comment..

07:32 PM Jun 04 2012


VOLTSSuper Member!

hey Anjelica... thank u ...   Wink

10:55 AM May 30 2012


Russian Federation

Hahaha I passed it.Have a great weekend, dear Volts.:)


05:26 PM Nov 08 2011



ahaha...pretty hard and funny sound when i try but I pass I guess ^.^ 

06:08 PM Oct 23 2011


VOLTSSuper Member!

Portuguese translation

3) tres Bruxas Suecas olham tres botoes de relogio Swatch. Qual bruxa Sueca olha qual botao do relogio Swatch?

12:41 PM Oct 23 2011


VOLTSSuper Member!

It's not easy at all !!

June 8, 2010

     Do u know football??? do u like??? how is it in your country?? Well... I think that football is the sport most practiced in the world and sometimes it looks like a war.



brazilian warriors

                                                     Brazilian Warriors


      The most important war is kicking off this year again. Between 11 june and 11 july 32 countries will be fighting very hard to win the war and turn itself into "World's number one".

     South Africa is the host nation in this season. All of 32 teams are already over there.

     I think it is like a world war that happens after each 4 years. But It isn't a bad, mad or sad war like those we can see on tv all days. It is the biggest war, an amazing and healthy war.  It is the FOOTBALL WORLD CUP.

    You know, I think I am able to call as a "war". I can't tell for people from other countries in the world. I actually figure out that some countries dont like football. So what i can say??  just about Brazil.

     Brazilian people has a special feeling for football. We are really eager for the start of the games. The patriot feeling is in our skin ,there are flags in all places, tv shows what is happening in South Africa all day, the most ads on tv, newspapers or magazines are about World Cup, some streets are painted with green and yellow (our collors), I mean that exist this felling in all things you can imagine.

     the most of brazilian workers don't go for your jobs on Brazilian game's days. When it is possible, we stop working and go to watch the games at home. I will fortunately be at home, on my vacation, with friends just rooting for our country to win all battles which we have ahead.

     The first battle will be against North Corea, 15 june. So I will come back and express my feeling here again... maybe good feelings, maybe not so good...

     Anyway... I hope the best one wins the game.



               june 25, 2010     eye

     First phase is over right now.

     Most of the best, famous teams keep going on the Cup. Argentina.

     Germany, Netherlands, England are some of my favourites teams to win.

     Two of the most traditional teams exited. France and Italy.

     Italy is the lastest World`s champion and French won the Cup one time, but they weren`t able to show a good football. France was defeated for 3 times, it was an imaginable thing.  

     Brazil made a goalless draw with Portugal, and defeated North Corea and Côte d'Ivoire in the first phase. Those are good results but I think our team need getting better a little more. In my opnion, the footballers haven`t been playing a magic football.

     Here in Brazil, Prior to the games, people started going away of their jobs in order to watch the Brazil matches, so streets of the Sao Paulo city had a huge numbers of cars. The traffic was catastrofic. Although that I guess most the brazilians whatched our games.

     Well, It has been big the celebration.  Brazilian folks are celebrating the good campaign, even though the team hasn`t been showing a pretty, great football.

     Now, a new stage are beggining, the round of 16 which it is knockout stage. therefore after each game one team is excluded of the competition, so good luck  !!!



               june 30, 2010     flag

     Round of 16 has finished, i think the best teams keep going in World Cup. Between the best teams are Germany, Argentina, Netherland, Spain and Brazil.

     We defeated Chile 3x0 in a good exibition.

     U can take a look at the game Click here to watch

     Brazilian looks more confident now. Some streets were closed in order supporters get fun and celebrate the win against Chine. Lot of fireworks exploding and flags waving during all night.

     Brazil is getting better but we have a great challenging ahead : Netherlands team



               july 11/2010     2014

     Well, Brazil was defeated for Netherlans team. Brazil made a good first half time. The team was winning 1x0. Second half time Netherlands made 2 goals and won for 2x1. The brazilian goalkeeper got a mistake, he failed in the first goal, so the team got very nervous. We had a footballer who was osted with a red card, the situation got worse and Netherlands kicked our butt.

     The Sourth Africa World Cup is finished today. Spain lifted the Trophy for the first time.

     The dream about 6th brazilian star has finished for while. We will host World Cup in 2014. So the quest for one more star must continue!! Let`s go Brazil !!!


     Well... this blog is finished right now. If u wanna know more about world cups, all of you can compare your team with any other country in the Football World Cups` history, just clicking here

it is really easy, you just click on flags and drag them to statistics box(estatisticas), u can see the amount of matches(jogos), finals(finais), wins(vitorias), draws(empates), defeats(derrotas), goals for and suffered(gols pro/contra)  and cards(cartoes)  in history of the world cups comparing two chosen teams. for instance, u see in the first page Brazil vs Argentina.

Enjoy yourselves !!



04:37 AM Jun 29 2010



yeah,I love it!

I love KaKa and Messi!!!!

06:05 PM Jun 28 2010


i like football but this year i don't know why i 'm not fun with any team .anyway .  in the end ,i thing the best team will be winner .

01:19 PM Jun 28 2010


Hi is't very nice  your profil but i don't like foot than i 'm happy to bee your friend

07:20 AM Jun 28 2010


It' boring!

March 3, 2009

Carnival generally is held in february. This year It began feb 20 to feb 25. It`s a holliday of a lot of fun and happiness. It`s the biggest party of the world !!  In each part from the country exist a different kind of party.

Click on the following link -> Brazilian Carnival <- and take a look at the video then u are gonna realize a little bit about what is wrote above.             

Trio Eletrico Salvador


Salvador’s Carnival is one of the largest outdoor celebrations in the world, attracting nearly three million people every year for the six day festival. In this city, huge crowds follow the trio elétrico, a group of musicians on top of a large truck that winds through the streets. People also sit in the grandstands and watch the trios parade.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo percussion bands leading parades of revelers through the streets called blocos





 Rio de Janeiro Parede




05:43 PM Aug 17 2009




10:02 PM Jun 27 2009



a splendid scene

01:35 AM Jun 04 2009



wow! pretty cool! :D

10:32 AM May 08 2009


Russian Federation

It's beautiful! I saw your Carnival on TV! Once the reporter of our country was there for all time of the celebrations. And i saw it at the brazilian serials.

06:57 AM Apr 02 2009



omg i never knew that Brazil is so beautiful !

07:29 AM Mar 30 2009



Wow! From the pictures itself I must say people from your country is very fortunate... Blessed with such culture.

09:43 AM Mar 26 2009



wow ! it must be overwhelming ...

07:30 AM Mar 25 2009

tas's sis
Saudi Arabia

So magnificent and cultural.. !!Surprised

I'd love to be there =D

05:46 PM Mar 24 2009


ouhhh , i ´m from brazil too, but now i´m USA . i loveee brazil. the carmival is so cutee and beautiful ...

05:50 PM Mar 08 2009

jessie lin

  hi ,john.nice to meet you ,ia so interested in your culture.can you tell me something about that.your country is so cool.

keep in touch .

best wishes

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