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Sensitive Boy

Syrian Arab Republic

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November 10, 2016

Hello ALL!

I was checking my very old emails and I found one from a friend I met here on English Baby. I have even forgotten the name of this website! LOL. I thought let me try to login again... I didn't know if I would remember the password though! But I could remember it! That's basically because I have had only a few passwords throughout my life... that proved to be strong :D

Checking this website, my profile here, friends I have made and talked to, make me wanna go back in time and live those gold days! When Syria had no wars and was at its utmost! I used to say I'm from Syria without any single minute thought of shame or hesitance. It was only 10 years ago, when people used to get excited to know about me and my culture... Now, I'm in the USA, and anyone knows I'm from Syria would turn his or her back and walk away thinking that I might bomb them or I don't know what kind of ideas storm through their heads.

Anyway, this 'Sensitive Boy' thing makes me feel embarrassed LOL. It's strange how people change and grow, physically and mentally. One thing I'm proud of is that I pursued my dream and got my Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, and now I'm working on my Master's degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, USA... on my way to my ultimate goal, the PhD.

Whoever is reading this from my friends list, I would love to hear from you again!



02:59 AM Dec 29 2016



Selam I'm also here after 6 years maybe,but with new account coz i deleted the old one a long time ago..I logged in here again just to answer to an other Topic that provoked me abt muslims n terrorists. I read ur blog by coincidence n wanned to tell you that there is nothing to b ashamed of,u can't b reponsible of things u haven't done..It's their problem if they confuse good ppl with bad ones. Syria has been alwayse a Peaceful place where ppl from different races n religions could live all toegther in peace n love. (It is still the place that i alwayse wanned to visit <3 ) Wars can happen anywhere n they already happened everywhere ;)

Do never forget this n Be alwayse proud of what you are!    

02:54 PM Nov 17 2016


I read your text and ı felt sad syria always our friend ı will pray for it

June 6, 2008

Hello every body Smile

I want to talk about computers, programming and Internet....

because they are my favourite hoppies.

First, I love programming, because I feel that it's the only way to communicate with your computer and understand it, also it helps with correcting problems and make solutions for programs and many other things Wink

So, what do you think?