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rainbow dancer

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March 13, 2009

Oneself faces dancing in Kenting,
 My Ti opposite shore in Kenting sees oneself of childhood,
 The side which falls to sit in Kenting takes out a cigarette. 

The person walked to come forward,
 Stretch out bright. 
 Is you! 

 The birds' twitter ground walks through,
 We lead long to begin a ground of frolic,
 Whole world inside,
 Lose relatives but start to rise suddenly,
 You explored to stretch forward. 
 Said a voice me to love myself too! 

At deep in the mainland,
 Meet oneself after growing up,
 You are still you,
 I follow for a long time,
 But only see in a hurry to leave of you,
 I tell oneself. 
 As dream unreal image of should be you! 

 Stand erect in the whole world,
 The wedding that the dark night holds,
 I arrange a team in the doorway,
 Look forward to you quickly,
 The admission ticket gripping to just bought,
 Constant as usual. 
 But could not see you any further!

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