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January 14, 2009

We need more than 250,000 yen to go driving school in Japan.  It is very expensive!

How much do you pay to get drivers license in your country?

I go to driving school every weekend.  I am very hard study and driving.  I am not good at drive a car.  I got a temporary license of car.  So I keep in practice a drive a car at highway.

I would like to go driving a car to far away!!!



09:35 AM Feb 21 2011


ooh, its really too expensive, but i my country its just needs about to 5000yen to learn driving and practicing for few weeks and for license its almost 10k or may be less...haaa

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year everyone,

I will stick it out all things this year.   I will become more positive!!!   Try before think!!! I want to gain confidence. 

I want to contribute to company. 

10:08 PM Jan 07 2009



happy new year!!

I also want to become about positive thinking.

Please become positive human!!

December 10, 2008


For this report I researched about Brazil.  Brazil is the most far from Japan.  And I like soccer very much.  So I am interested in Brazil.  I would like to there some day.  

I asked people in Brazil about their country.  I got 6 responses to my questions.


The staple food is rice, beans, meat and soya.  Japanese people eat rice everyday so I think same point between Brazil and Japan.  Brazilian speaks Portuguese, leaning English and French.  The capital city is Brasilia.  Brazil has a population of about 190 million.  


I thought all Brazilian like dance, especially samba.  But some of Brazilian love samba.  On the other hand, some of Brazilian don’t like samba.  This response was surprised me.  But, a lot of people enjoy ‘Carnival!!!'  When I go to Brazil, I want to join to Carnival:)


I also knew about interest place in Brazil.  The interest places are Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Lencois Maranhenses, Florianopolis and so on.  Brazilian people have some images to Japan.  Japan is famous for car, anime, and sushi.  


I saw a lot of pictures on Google.  Now I really want to go Brazil.  I want to go to interest places.  I am very glad to your response.  Thank you very much for your responseSmile

04:39 AM Dec 11 2008


To tell u some interesting things, there's a brazilian topmodel called Gisele Bundchen very beautiful, and she's the highest-paid model in the world.