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June 23, 2009

what the baggers want?

money or food?

I saw a bagger keeled down on a over-cross bridge with a big plastic bowl

He looked hungry and dirty

I took a cake form my bag which is my dinner

I gave him it  and thought he must be very happy

on the contrary

he threw it away




I pick it up

put back into my bag

am I wrong?

I don't mean anything

I just try to help him

the cake was brought by money

it's money, too......




what can I do when I meet the other baggers












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08:16 AM Jul 22 2009

hsuan chang

That is so called "professional beggars"

Next time you may have the chance to see a well-off man shopping at a department store at night but begging for money during the daytime.

10:32 AM Jun 23 2009



i don't know how to comment on the begger,but i think what you did is right,kind-hearted people always are right,just sometimes others can't not understand your goodness.That is my opinon.And just throw away the things and frustration,belive you are right.