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January 9, 2008


1  Keep smiling


2  Learn to share happiness 


3  Be ready to help others            


4 Keep an innocent heart                            



 5 Learn to get along well with all kinds of people


6  keep humorous



 7 Stay calm



  8  Learn to forgive



 9 Have several intimate friends




10. Have goals and pursuits



11 Cooperate with others and gain pleasure in it




 12 Have some romance, haha            




 13 Keep confident



 14  Respect the weak 


15  Indulge yourself sometimes 


16  Don't commit any crimrs 


17 Have courage and bravery 


 18 Don't have a finger in the pie


19   Do more exercises, such as carring water


20 Take in some fresh air occasionally


21 Be strict to both others and yourself


22 Don't be too arrogant though you have achieved something


 23 Don't always pursue something that doesn't belong to you


24  Learn to be romantic


 25 Always remember: There is a successful woman behind evrery successful man.


 26  To be higher can see further


28   Go to take a holiday several times a year


29  Don't drink too much 


30 Don't addicte to money


January 8, 2008

She said:"You really don't know me."
Her words shocked me deeply in my heart. Suddenly, I reallized that I really didn't know anyone, even myself.
I'm not that kind of people who can "read" hearts easily and accurately. This reminds me of what he said about a month ago. "You are so bad at reading hearts."
I admit it.
I even don't really know myself. I don't know what I want to do and what I can do. I don't know what is suitable for me and how I can do it.
I think I have to work hard to find out all these though it's realy hard for me.
The road, lies somewhere before me.

January 6, 2008

       Pleasure is immediate gratification while happiness is lasting satisfaction. Happiness is a process, a journey, a lifelong marathon. In order to live a good and happy life all through our life, we have to give up immediate pleasure at the moment.

As an Chinese saying goes, “Bitter before sweet.” When we take Chinese traditional medicines, it’s really bitter at first. You even almost can’t help spitting it out. But later, you will feel a little sweet in your throat. The most important thing is that those medicines can cure you of diseases. That is “Bitter before sweet.” Sacrificing a little at the moment, you will gain a lot that you even didn’t expect in the future.

However, many people just ignore this principle of life. Instead, they live by the pleasure principle. They believe that life is short and they should seize every minute, every second to enjoy life. Drinking, smoking, dating and having sex with many people are their so-called “pleasure”. They think those are the best way to enjoy life and they will not regret for their short life when they get old. However, they have mistaken pleasure for happiness. They don’t know that happiness, instead of pleasure, is the very pursuit of our life. They don’t know what their life will be like in the future if they go on living by the pleasure principle. Though they can have fun and enjoy themselves now, they will suffer a lot in the future.

Pleasure is also sometimes gained at the expense of others’ benefits. It’s a self-involved principle. Those who live by the pleasure principle always go against their parents’ and teachers’ expectations. They just ignore others’ feelings and do whatever they like. For example, those who are singing and drinking at midnight are ignoring others around them. They gain pleasure at the expense of others.

Many university students also conform to the pleasure principle. They live far from their parents. Like birds being set free out of cages, they live a free life. They don’t study hard or learn skills that are required for their future career. Instead, they are hanging around all day, playing computer games, chatting on line, going out to drink, dating with their girlfriends or boyfriends and so on. They don’t realize that there will never be another chance for them to have such a good environment to study in. Life is a one-way road. You can never go back to the starting point.

In order to lead a comfortable and happy life in the future, we have to get rid of the pleasure principle. After all, happiness is the very pursuit of our life.

07:47 AM Jan 06 2008



Nice US younger sister

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hi nice to meet you! have a wonderful life!