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September 30, 2008

Missing a person easily in an icy day;
      Missing a person easily when loneliness is lonely;
      Missing a person easily when feel exhausted.
      Missing a person often returns thought,,many events happened years ago as if occurred yesterday.Surely in a long distance as if separated by window.Time adverse current,the space compressed.At this moment,the moon circles,the flowers split,the person has been crazy,as if the world was filled with a mystical breath.When long for a person no longer,the feeling of another era and remote sigh with regrets appears spontaneously and suddenly. 
    A smiling face blossomed in missing,that is fascinated;a pair of tearful eyes emerge in missing,that is broken-hearted.Missing information is the most romantic;missing ballad is the most sentimental.Formerdays’ gratitudes and grudges,life’s worry and vexation all totally change to a slight frown between the brow tip as soon as a faint smile in coneres of mouth.
Missing,come like the surging waves,gone like the gurgling stream.Rely on in front of the window alone or stroll a peaceful path ,we always remember someone arise suddenly.Missing then runs rampantly as if the river broken dike.This time,perhaps the rising sun rises from east,perhaps the sunlight is sunshine,perhaps the whole city is decorated with colorful lanterns.A piece of clear shadow behind,inner feelings roll over and over.When missing come,just rather like getting drunk;when it is gone,we woke up.Between drunk ang awake,the memory as it were thinker three times than before.When missing came again,we could be drunk quickly,then awake later.

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06:01 AM Nov 15 2008



u do it by yourself???