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April 13, 2008

la, je suis dans la merde aujourd'hui~~~~

April 7, 2008

Hi, there,

thanks for watching my blog,

I am currently preparing TOEFL in July 2008, 

If you want to find a partner to improve your writing or  oral English, it's really worthy reading the following...

Concering the writing, do not hesitate to send me your writing essay, so we can improve together. I'll send you my personal feeling of your essay and correction with detailed explaination for the sake of  further discussion...(Please make sure that your essay contains more than 100 words) 

For the oral English, I think a sustainable partner is essential for a real success. My thought behind is that, with a sustainable partner, we can exchange more profoundly on a topic rather than talking about too many things without a deep consideration~  Which tool do you use for communicating? In my opinion, Skype is better~

At the moment, I am longing to read some magazines to familiarize myself with the TOEFL vocabulary, which magazines or newspapers have a high correlation with TOEFL? TIME, Nature, Science? what's your suggestion?  

March 27, 2008

High Expectations always bring Frustration. . .

As the chef of an organisation, should I always forgive others' failure?

It's useful to complain?

09:48 AM Mar 28 2008



Thanks, DS,Smile

I appreciat a lot your comment which brings me to a deeper thought.A certain lever of forgiveness is needed, and any complain over failures should also deliver a positive message to the person who made them.

Failure is a consequence of several reasons: lack of resource, misorganisation, ineffective cooperation, etc . . .  Based on this, I think a measure of prevention is much better than any complain after a failure takes place. The measure is "ask, get feedback, adjust".

However, certain reason like dereliction of duty should be blamed publicly... (Hard for me to do that)

02:04 AM Mar 28 2008



No, you have not to forgive them ALWAYS, but try to be nice and kind when someone of them don't do a big mistake, try to understand their situation, you know no one like when someone else blames him or her, I understand that your position obliges you to be hard, but when you can forgive do it, that's my opinin and the last decision is your's.

Good luck.