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United States Minor Outlying Islands

April 4, 2018

Application for any creative program is an imagination challenge. And professional photography isn’t the exception. Personal Statement Writers are sure that your photography personal statement should significantly differ from other admission essays and it should highlight your dedication in the first line. Personal Statement Writers would like to offer you one bright sample of photography personal statement. Check it you’ll find plenty of interesting ideas. 

My acquaintance with photography dates back to my early years, when I tried to take the first pictures, irresolutely holding the ancient film camera Samsung F-111. From my first click the passion for photography born in my heart forever and contributed in my personal development in the direction of visual arts. Step by step my childish hobby led me into adulthood and finally to a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography. And it’s not the end point of my creative career, as I continue to hone my skills, to gain new ones and to be excited about new challenges, which I might meet on the way of my fascinating photo-life. 

Photography is a universal language, which every person understands but can interpret or perceive in absolutely different ways. For me photography is an opportunity to show my point of view and to represent my outlook on life. It’s a chance to capture a unique moment and then to bring it into thousands of hearts. Another attractive to me aspect of photography is its spirituality, inner conviction and the abstraction of essence beyond the material world. And, finally, it’s the best aesthetic tool for showing myself. 

I’m fond of composing subjects at some angle, creating various images and moods, playing with light and shadows, finding unexpected perspectives and being inspired by the simplest and most inconspicuous objects. Photography always surprises me by it’s reflection of reality in a more profound way than other visual arts and that is I’m very fascinated with. 

For two years I was considering the art of making pictures simply as a hobby and was studying a science-based course at the University of Arizona. I did economy, mathematics, and programming and continued making unforgettable shots, some of them once and forever changed my life when I showed them tomy friend-photographer. He liked my style, even called me talented. And then my inspiration for doing what I wanted for all my lfe overwhelmed me and I changed my direction. The college of Fine Arts at my University was very hospitable to accept me and there all my dreams about photography began to come true. 

During studying my A-levels I broadened https://writingsessay.com/write-my-essay/ overview of life, art, culture and communication. I met a wide range of people with different backgrounds and had to adjust rapidly both educationally and socially. It was like a great challenge for me or an incredible journey within such a new and terrific world. Moreover, studying Photography at A-level helped deepen my understanding of photo art and develop a self-motivated and independent practice, which was invaluable for me. I was fully immersed in every new genre of photography and especially was captivated by nature, cloudscape and documentary kinds. 

My Media Studies at A-level gave me an ability to expend my analytical skills, to get knoewledge of marketing and sales media industry sides relating to photography. Everything learnt will be very useful for my further studies for getting a Master degree in photography. 

As to my work experience, I’ve been an assistant to a professional photographer and stylist. It allowed me to learn what practical skills are essential for success within the context of advertising and fashion. And this practice has played a key role in shaping my core goal for the nearest future, which is both personal and professional growth in this direction. I’m ready for challenges, innovations, improvements which I can face during the further study in photography and I’m looking forward to the opportunity to pursue my bright ambitions in the fantastic world of the photo industry.

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07:28 AM May 08 2018



You are so fortunate; sometimes I don't even clearly know what I want. Like the lines of 《Stalker》by Andrei Tarkovsky——"My conscience wants vegetarianism to win over the world; but my stomach wants a piece of sauced meat, so what do I want at all? "