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Dreamer Di

Dreamer Di

Russian Federation

June 2, 2009

Summer...This wonderful word! It means the sun, the green grass, hot weather and...andventures!!!It`s time to meet new people, make new friends and have a lot of fun!
We can walk, swim, enjoy the hot wether. Also we don`t think about school. We are free!!!It`s great!
Moreover, summer is the romantic season for me..Do you think so?
We all love summer. Don`t we?=)

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09:53 AM Jun 29 2009

laura, baby!

yeah, summer is fantastic I also like winter, but summer is much more pleasant! ENJOY :D

03:38 AM Jun 06 2009



haha :) yeah he's right Thailand is very hot :) we can have summer in every seasons Y_Y i wish to live in cold country ,, and not crowded :) i agree with you summer is the best season :) *love*Smile

01:38 PM Jun 03 2009


very so hot in thailand the sun was burn my face like a paper take a fire i can't walk, swim, or do anyting cause my work, it so bad season like a force rabbit dance around