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November 22, 2007


22 november, today is dentists day so ,

Congratulate all of dentists in the world 

November 11, 2007

we lost our big leader of turkey in 10 nov. 1938.so we made mention of him yesterday.we  gave a consert a lot of people last night .we sing some of ATATÜRK's like songs.we ended consert with 10th year  turkish republic march .it was unforgotable.All of turkish people following you ,we ll never forget you.

November 5, 2007

i dont understand why some beautiful girl's or handsome guy's mounths are very dirty .i mean their teeth .why they dont care?,why  they  dont  brush?.A one patient came my clinic,he seemed  very good_looking.But oh my god! his mounth was highly dirty .Apparently i ii spent a lot of time for him.(pretty eyes dirty mounth's foto pls vide my fotos) :)