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United States

May 19, 2006

I like learning. I'm always interested in the what, why, and how of reality. And the way we communicate with and define reality is with language.

Those of us over here in America define reality with the English language. By learning new words I learned new ways to identify and explain reality.

Words to a certain extent are reality -- without them, we're at a loss to explain what we see, feel, and think about the world around us.

Sometimes we learn "secret words" that we keep to ourselves that describe an aspect of reality that we are familiar with and want to keep on our own terms.

Every language and language speaker must have their own "secret words" to describe the world. What are yours?

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11:04 AM Aug 26 2019


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12:29 PM Dec 19 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

u are the elderest guy in this site .I think.And this blog too,aren't u?


08:50 AM Jul 09 2006


Totally agree with you. Live and learn. Learning is so much fun.