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December 3, 2007

hi every body .!.!.!. there r so many critical person still alive in this world!.!.!.! may B i'm one of them!.!.!.! and i want 2 know about ur country.!.!.! if u want 2 know about my critical life, plz...send ur id and add my yahoo id is, !.!.!.!>>>poisonof16<<

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02:24 AM Apr 05 2008

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear poison

i ve read that u r ciarious about countries.i dont know whether have u ever heard of iran.its located in south east of asia .the bigest lake is in the north part of iran.i mean khazar lake.any way,the capital city is tehran.it is a kind of industerial city.there r lots of monuments here like sadabad palaces ,lots of musuems.there is a city in iran which name is esfehan.most of the people cal it half of the world. its the most touristy city in iran.

there r also 2 religous city.

if u want 2 know more u can just send me email.

with the best wishes


p.s iran is the first civilization.