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January 8, 2012

I didn't like to stay at home when my parents were home. They didn't like what I did then. We had a big generation gap between each other.After a while, I have grown up and understanded my father's loneness after the time have passed. 

    As my mother needed to start her new business , she bought a new house which I could stay with her in it. My father still had to watch our old store, so he stayed in the old house.My mother demanded that I (should) watch her store after school. Sometimes I went to see my father instead of helping my mother. I noticed that my father was alone in the store by himself. Nobody could chat with him. I had tried to chat with him since that. Finally I builded a good relationship with my father. I and my mother moved back to the old houseand when my grandfather passed away,so my parents could both hold the funeral and watch the business in the old store together.

    Now I will ask for his permission if i need to buy anything,but leave my mother's opinion aside. My mother is very noisy. actually my father is very kind to me, othewise he would refuse me all the time. I have more compathy than before.  

   If we paid attention to people who are close to us , we could know that your families are your priceless treasure, couldn't we?

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12:57 AM Feb 10 2012


Viet Nam

first, I would like to say sorry Pengwu for I didn't give you any e'mail or contacting.

later, I really  like your entry both meaning and structuregrammar

sometimes, the limitation about language prevent us from chatting everyday because I am no time to write for you more than

Anyway, I am glad to hear from you