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April 13, 2009

I tried to enter the chatrrom in these site but then i cannot..i am only up to the part where the"connecting"windows appearss..but then it is only one that is loading..the lower part is not...any clue how can i solve this????


PLEASE>>>>>>>>>help me.................


thanks in advance

09:00 AM Apr 13 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

i have the same problem to you

confused ...


April 9, 2009

every night,from 2000 till 2400..im alone in the bridge(wheelhouse  of the ship) with all the crew in their own cabins having their night sleep with their sweet dreams, and thousands of gross tonnage of cargo (cars and papers).i am responsible for navigating the ship...i met fishing boats,crossing ships..i have to decide what to do to avoid collision...

during that particular time..i am in control of the ship...whatever i do i must think many times coz am a 22 year old lady,45kilos,a filipina with 13 lives depends on me....

NOW...that is CONTROL...have you have one????

05:30 AM Apr 11 2009


mare, you rock

May 6, 2008

hello there friends..please add me...

ill be in your place soon...

ill be travelling around the globe



06:51 AM May 06 2008



Dear Jahnize,

 "  ill be in your place soon...

    ill be travelling around the globe "

Sounds something very secret inside,could you give me more explanation about it ?