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April 24, 2019

      I remember the day on 2019-3-12, it's  a terreble day.My father got in hospital,and he had to do a  big operation, his head is need to cure ,i feel sad and unhappy. I just saw him the day before yesterday. Why is he? I really don't know.How can I do now? I confused.Who can help me @-@

December 4, 2013

I just want to have a sample life,born,group up,marry with someone and delevery a baby,that's all my mind,but in this society,many things makes me disapported,friends will betray me,people in the society will cheat me,i can believe my family,maybe i can not believe all the things from them as well.i just can believe what i see,what i think,fuck.

From now on,trust myself,be confident,be happy,no need think so much,everything will have their own end,i can not change many things,just can try my best to do things well.

December 4, 2013

  I always thnks that i am bad at the love affair,i don't know how to keep the good relationship with my lover,sometimes,communication is a difficult things,it's hard to show what you real mind.and i just can say sorry to others at the end,why will it like this?

11:32 AM Dec 04 2013


Saudi Arabia

if you cant show usually what is the real in your mind   then he could be not fit to you.