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Jason Chu


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July 12, 2013

It has been raining for several days ,and according to the weather forecast ,it will continue in coming days  

The rainy season ,also known as "Plum Rain Season  " in China usually begins from the middle of June till the middle of July in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River .So people in this area may experience nearly month-long period of rainy days at this time of every year

Frankly speaking ,though, I don't like such weather ,which is humid and gloomy all the time . I lay down on bed reading a book after lunch .Outside ,the rain has temporarily stopped .A puff of cool breeze came to my face immediately as i opened my window,which made me feel so good .I like this kind of feeling .there on the power lines near my window, several sparrows are happily hopping and twittering .Suddenly I found that even this rainy day has its own beauty

You know ,i'm such a nostalgic man who become sentimental easily whenever i hear an old song or see an old photo .I can still remember very clearly that when I was a young boy ,I liked to go angling in ponds during rainy days in summer .I enjoyed listening to the sound of the rain falling on  umbrella,and watching the raindrops hit the surface of the water .I could always have a great time playing with my mates at that time . Unfortunately ,the good old days can never come back again .It can only reappear in my memory :(

It is a pity that in today's fast-paced society ,people often forget to stop to enjoy the beauty of nature. Perhaps just as someone has said that life is full of beauty ,only depends on whether you can find it . Life is really wonderful ,so let's fully enjoy what life gives us and  learn to treasure what we have .

November 20, 2012

This is my first time to write blog in English here so i feel a little nervous and excited at the same time . First of all , i must say my English is not very good and sometimes i have difficulty expressing myself clearly in English even though i have been learning English for many years ,ha ha ! well, let me tell you guys how i became interested in learning English . About 9 years ago ,one afternoon i turned on my radio and a man's voice came to me saying " Hello ,everybody ! welcome to learn English with me ,this is Peter ," an English teacher from Taiwan . He is a humorous and patient teacher and his teaching methods sounded so fun that i was immediately attracted to it and listened to the program to the end  attentively .From then on , i tuned in to his English-teaching programs religiously and of course you can imagine that i have made a lot of progress and learned so much .It is a pity that the programs were off the air in 2006 ,but the pace of learning English for me has never stopped . I'm so happy that i can finally communicate with people from all over the world in English now and my ultimate goal is to be able to speak the language fluently .I believe i can make this dream come true because i will never give up !!

12:20 AM Nov 25 2012

reiny kwan

reiny kwan

well done jason.. keep learning and hope you can achieve your dreams :)

12:14 AM Nov 23 2012

Jason Chu

Jason Chu

Hello , my friend ! thank you for reading my first blog . and I'm very glad that you shared your experience of learning with me . I will try my best to write more blogs  here he he ! Hope we can be good friends

10:45 PM Nov 21 2012



Hello, Jason ! Exactly! Never give up! :)

I have read your thoughts with a great interest. You expressed yourself perfectly.

All English language fans have their own inner reasons of their love to the studying English.

Your story with radio program is nice, indeed. It caught my attention.

Can I share my story of the developing learning English with you?

My devotion to English language have been started since secondary school. English teacher was just perfect during the lessons. The teacher combined complicated lessons with fun and entertainment. You know, the interest to any subject starts from the methods teachers use with students. So, I was already deeply in love with English language by the time when several foreign students rented the apartments next house to mine. We became neighbours- friends. They could speak Russian very badly. It was better for us to communicate with each other using English language. As for them as for me it was fun and useful training. The friendship with foreigners has added even more enthusiasm to my strong wish to study English in school carefully.

I brought my love of English language to the University then. It was always the most favourite subject for me. I’m not as good in English as I would like to be but I don’t give up either. Native speakers tell me I’m understandable by them and I’m happy to hear that. I’m here because the interaction with foreigners in the language I love so much is still the most enjoyable and useful pastime.

Keep on blogging. You performed very well : ) Good luck!