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December 5, 2007

How can you deal with rejection and keep on going? Your application was perfect ,and your interview was flawless. You answered every question properly, and you were totally qualified for this job. However, to your shock and amazement, you did not get it—you were rejected! Why does it happen—and , even more important, how are you supposed  to copy with it?

Points to consider

Here are some of the most important element for getting—or not getting—a job:

Inappropriate personal appearance

Inappropriate attitude

Inappropriate credentials

Other common reasons for rejection include sloppy application, an inflexible schedule, or lack of reference.

The answer is still no

Even if you do it right from application through interview, you may still be rejected. Why you don’t have any power over the final decision, you can decide how you are going to respond it . keep three things in mind: get feedback so you can make changes; don’t take the rejection personally; and keep trying.

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