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Josh K

Josh K


April 7, 2019

Hi there.

I joined to EnglishBaby in 2007. in this time I met a lot of people fron differences from world. 

I miss all of them. I met good people, who I make friendship with them. I miss them.

Time passed away, everyon took their way. I never see them again. Really I miss that old memories, old time, I hung out with them.

I walked away in my own path, I took my way, never I get back again here.

Now I back again here, because, I remind of my old days from here.

I wish I meet new friends again.

Here nice place to find and make friends, who you can speak, improve your english.

I came to here to learn english, every day, I have to learning something new.

To speak english very important. I proud of achievement in english.

I miss all my old friends that I make here many years ago.

I wish I could find them again, and talk, chat, talk about these old days.

But, always there's new people here. I can make new friends.

the life is roller coaster, enjoy it, live it, make it, be cool, no worries. Just live.

I hope u ok now.

I am here, making new friends.

Thank u so much, all my friends here in English Baby. To new friends too.


I see you again.



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06:25 PM Apr 17 2019


WordsmithSuper Member!
United States

Welcome back! :)