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October 29, 2012


My name is Geri, i'm from Hungary... I attend a nice high school in a small town. i have been learning the language for many years, but i started to learn it hard about half a year ago. It's a part of my strategy to write a blog about our lifestyle, problems and happiness.


A short itroduction about my life..

I lived in a block of flats in my first years. For 10 years i have been living in a house. I have two pets, a cat and a dog. Almost since i was born, i'm interested in Math and IT, but unfortunately i don't really pay much attention on the other subjects, for example Geography, Biology, Chemistry and so on. I'm very interested in other contries' traditions, but not in mine :) If you read the next entries, you'll understand why. I have one and a half year left in my hometown before going to uni. I threat it as a kind of prision. (to be continued)

Future (?) plans

I wanna move to the USA or to the United Kingdom as soon as possible. I like this language and like their lifestyle (although they're absolutely different), and there are more working and entertainment facilities.


I would be glad if you followed my blog, and comment the entries, if you have something to say about them!


Thanks for reading, i'll post my first entry in some hours Laughing

07:41 PM Oct 29 2012



Yea, it does indeed read very well, thanks for your kind sharing. Expect your further more continuous post to be posted.

02:28 PM Oct 29 2012

Mr. Learner

Sounds interesting.. I'll be waiting for your posts about your traditions.
I think you like to write a lot, because you just wrote the entry and in few hours you'll write the second post. Smile