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January 4, 2018

Some time ago I intrested in behaviour of people in the business. I was recommended to read Robert Cialdini's book ''Influencing people. Theory and practice.''. 

At first I was looking for the book in libraries but I could not find it. Finally, I decided to buy it for my own.

Thanks to this book I knew what secrets of people demeanour are. The different examples and experiences have shown how the world fascinating is.

I encourage all of you to read the book even if you do not handle people psychology.

01:25 PM Jan 24 2018


Elisabeth 22 and Mouse87

Thank you for your comments!

01:19 PM Jan 04 2018


I think that psychological aspects are very important today. People have problems with making decisions and working with others.

I would like to commend Tribal leadership: Leveraging Natual Groups to Build aThriving Organization by Dave Logan. 

It is very interestning item on the psychologiical books' list.

12:39 PM Jan 04 2018


I also read this book. I am impressed it! It perfectly describes human attitudes.