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September 5, 2007

We just came back from vacation.

We went to Colorado,USA.  The Rocky Mountains are awesome! We drove on the highest paved road in US. It's 4000m tall! It was in so high altitude, my fingers got yellow and very cold. It was surreal sight. Just beautiful!!!! I just love Colorado. We're definitely going back there.

I don't enjoy long flights, but it's definitely worth it. It's always so fun to see another coutries and culture.

We're already thinking about next 3days weekend plan. There are two 3days weekends in September in Japan. You have to enjoy your life. Life is short.

July 7, 2007

It was very cool and comfortable for July today.  It was only 25C today. Even my car has thermometer.   
I love checking temperature.I heard in Las Vegas, it reached 52C or something. It's just crazy hot!  It's a record hottest day in Vegas.

After rainy seasons over, the heat will come. We don't have air-conditioner in our house, it's just too old house to have such a powerful machine. The power is not enough. We just have to deal with the heat. But night time, there's a cool breeze from outside running through our house. It's very nice.

We don't have running hot water in our house, which is very unusual for Japanese house. So, we just take cold shower in summer and other than summer, we take a traditional Japanese deep bath tub in rest of the year.

I just don't mind this life style. It's very natural, and reasonable. We don't have to totally depend on spoiled unnatural living style. Convinient and comfortable are good, but I also want to pursuit natural way.

June 20, 2007

I live in sothern part of Japan.

Last week, my area finally has entered "rainy season".

Usually, June through end of July is rainy season in Japan. During rainy season is nothing but rainny days.

I don't really mind rainy days but, rainy season is usually  hot and humid so, it's very unconfortable during rainy season. I don't enjoy sticky & muggy days.

hot and humid=muggy

In this season, rice field is filled with water and farmers start to plant rice.  There are many frogs live in the rice field so, you can hear a chorus of the frogs at night.  It's quite loud but I like it.

I don't have an air-conditioner in my house, so I just have to deal with the stickiness&mugginess. Frown

06:53 PM Jul 06 2007



Thanks for the coment, Stich.

I guess the water shotage problem in Japan has solved since we have tons of rain falling these days.Smile    The only problem is that loundries don't get dry. 

01:20 PM Jun 22 2007




I read on the news that the Japanese gov. is worried about the low water level. Maybe is not so bad that there are some rain after all !  : )