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Viet Nam

May 19, 2008

The first time I heard that news, I was quiet astonished. Sorry I was a bit too cold at that moment to feel pity for all of you.

But it seemed like the more time comes, the bigger the number of casulties grows. And when they mentioned that number when adding some sad images, I couldn't help chilling my heart and praying for you, at least for that moment. I know how you people are feeling right now, I just hope that tomorrow's dawn will bring back to you spriritual ease, and that of us will be back again, stronger to overcome this plight.

We're gonna ok, we love you !

May 9, 2008

Ok, that was just my re-arranging the words so as to let her know what she thought is very fragile and not much could it be true. It seemed to bring much confusion, I know that and may it be possible, I would say sorry. That was just another way to make some interesting lines. And it’s going to be not harmful.

 It’s ok. Ok, now I can return because I want to and allowed to.

May 7, 2008


Hey Jude - Don't make it bad -

The band then speak out loud their "Na Na ..." rhythm, surrounded by people doing the same thing at full blast. If I were among them, I would make use of all the feeling and emotional quality I had to be unleash them, those disapointment. I would call on a force to wash all of those upset. Today are bound to seem an unlucky day for me, with uncomfortable news, especially, with that silly mark, resulting in much confusion. 2AM, too late, tomorrow Vesak will come and it's waiting for us. I cannot say if anything could be perfect to be given to me now.

Not pressure, not totally a penalty, or something that makes judgement. If it's a little conformity that you could give me now, I'll open my mind to welcome it. Cause that is how, that is how they sympathize a tiger rising up from his incident.

(That how things make sense)