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July 14, 2011


Aren't you guys noticed? there are so many different disaters that are happening now in every part of the world. Who could forget the devastating flood in the east coast of Australia? in the Philippines, India, US and China that kills number of people? How about the killer earthquake in New Zealand and in Japan, followed by a horrific tsunami that took more than 10,000 lives? The tornado in Oklahoma that destroys many home and kills people? and lastly the dust storm in Alaska?

It gives me goose bumps when I remember all these horrifying disasters. We can't really predict what's gonna happen tomorrow. Wherever you are, whoever you are... you are not safe! We can't hide anywhere because there is no safest place to hide when God decided to revenge.

God has its own way to give us lessons. Perhaps these natural calamities remind us that God is just there, watching us.

For those who lives somewhere near the seas, tsunami is there. When you are living in the mountain, earthquake/landslide is there. When you are living far away from the ocean and mountains, tornadoes, typhoons and dust storms are there. See? there is no place to hide.

So I think all we need is to be prepared 'cause nobody knows when our time is. Stop hating or fighting against each other. Forgive your enemies and just do good deeds.

05:59 AM Jun 16 2012



Thanks for your kind words. It's not well-written though, still struggling with my grammar. Anyway, it was sung by Yuri Chikka. Hope you are well.

July 13, 2011

Guys please don't be offended if sometimes I'm not replying you when you are asking my Messenger. It's not that I don't want to talk with you, it's just that I have a phobia on talking via messenger.

Before I came accross on this site, I used to go online on messenger and finding someone to talk. Unfortunately, I've never met someone nice, most of the people I've met were stupid, they know nothing but sex. I mean wtf? why spending their time making out with someone via cam? why don't they just go to club and pay a prostitute instead? it will satisfied them better. Anyways, I don't wanna talk about this stupid thing.

That's the reason why I don't like talking via messenger. It's a private message and I don't want to talk about nasty stuff. I'm only here to learn and improve my english. That's all I want.



July 12, 2011

It's been ages since I wrote my last blog. How I missed this site so freaking much and of course those people I used to talk before. I'm hoping that you guys are still here. Please Message me, I want to know everything that I missed about your lives.

I feel sad :( my english went bad since I left this site. I should have stayed here huhuhu.