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Russian Federation

June 20, 2018

Well, guys, I thought for a while what I can use this blog for and came to the conclusion that apart my own thoughts I'll be collecting here new English words and expressions that I learn during the day.  I think I'll be publishing here the most interesting words  and examples of their use in the context I meet them.  I will also publish here goals of the day  related to the language learning and look at the progress. If you, guys want, you can join me, or if you spotted a mistake, let me know about that. 

Here's a list of words for today: 

to canter - to gallop  in a light way 

slanted eyebrowa - inclined, not crossed

a quiver of arrows - arriws in its container

a streed -  a  horse 

slain - dead

falter  - to waffle almost fall 

to skid - to brake down  

to hem - to squeeze in between oneself 

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View all entries from My blog is crapp so am I >

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United Kingdom

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