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December 27, 2008

Hey guys

Watching Tv is a great way to improve your English and thanks to the Internet you can have access to hundreds of free Tv channels online . Here, I just bumped into this great site listing 13 links to watch tv online for free. I've tried some of them and they're just awesome.

You can choose from numerous tv channels: news, movies, cartoon, tv shows, educational documentaries, music, lifestyle etc etc , find anything that suits your interests and there you go, you got free English classes and accent training.

13 Places To Watch TV Online for Free


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06:02 PM Jan 09 2009



Thanks:)  I already keep the link to my favorite link :D

03:06 PM Jan 06 2009


United States

thats awesome...........uhmmmm poor me i juss love cartoons period..............they make me relax laugh my ribs out and feel like a baby once again

05:25 PM Jan 02 2009


simly marvelous.keep it up