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November 24, 2007

Hi everyone.

These days, many people have asked me to be their friends. How Happy I am !  Since I would like to meet many people from around the world, I would like to be your friend.

However, as I wrote in the Title box, I have been terrible busy these days. I should hand in some reports once a week, and also need to hand in a hard one by the last ten days of December.

In addidion to this, I entered driver's school in this November. Although I dont think I am good at driving a car, it is necessary that I try hard to get my own driver's license...

 After the school (university) , I work as a teacher in training school.I teach Japanese, Mathematics, Social sience, and English.I dont know why they asked me to teach students English. My english is terrible poor...isnt it. Anyway, since I decided to work once, all I have to do is nothing but only work hard.

hmm...now, while I wrote these sentences, I thought how busy I am...yes, life is hard. But It is much better than aimless life. Isnt it. Do you have your own aim ?

As you know now, since I am busy, I cant talk with you too much. But I always hope that all people do well in their life. So, I hope you do well in your life.


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