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August 20, 2006

    Many chinese movies has gone to Oscar,these movies are always talk about GongFu factions in all corners of the courtry,and the entanglemants among them.Always ,someone learn an excellent GongFu accidentlly , meet a wonderful girl,begin a beautiful love story, finally he will be without equal and , conceal his indentity living in a beartiful valley out of the way with his lover.Of course , the screenwriter and the diretor always make a lot of difficults to him to make sure the movie is interesting and attractive enough.In the movies,gongfu superiors always can fly freely and stand on the water ,it's impossable.In real-life,superiors are strong and when they fight,they use Gongfu to defeat adversaries just like kickboxing or wrestle,but Gongfu is more agile, full of change and imagination.To learn Gongfu,smartness and deep thinking is more important than  muscles.ShaoLin Gongfu has a principia:learn Gongfu and practise it just for healthy ,learn buddhism(a kind of philosophy)and get a phychic sublimation is the final purpose.Shaolin Gongfu is a anneal both in physical and also in mentally.

August 16, 2006

Hi,how are you?I'm a chinese girl.I like learning differet culture,so I make friends with people from all over the world.I like playing piano,because music gives me  happy spirit and pure soul.
Many foriegners dislike chinese people ,I donnot know why,China is a beautiful country,I believe she has a wondful future.If you are not a racialist,please contact me,and If you are ,I will change your mind.
Welcome to China,I will be your cicerone if you want.*~*

June 28, 2006

Unexpected,I meet the website-englishbaby.I will be graduate from college next year,and I want to find a job working with foriegn  colleagues beacause I want to learn something new with different culture background,but my English is poor.And a sudden chance,I found the English baby,and immediately I fell in love with her.

ok,from now on,I will work hard to improve my  English  with englishbaby.