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March 18, 2007

yesterday evening i had a nightmare about fighting with some persons in odd costumes.Maybe people always  keep thinking about what they have in mind.i am without exception.how to become an elegant woman, i am thinking about it.My favourite friend began to complain to me about my messiness,my laziness and so on at the sight of me. at first i feel  ashamed about it but later i seems to be immune to her nagging.little people are willing to think why we live in the world.Cry


June 18, 2006

Father's Day is behind Mother's Day,so it's easy for people to remember this special  festival.As we know ,chidren is used to sharing their time with mother for what they want ,when they are young.but Father takes the important responsibility  for a family .they try their best  to take care of their wife and children .in many occasions ,in order to accomplish their task ,they have to adjust themselves to face the stress of work

May 25, 2006

 as a office worker, i become to realize that "white collar" is not as easy as we think.it took years of hard work to become a real white collar .don't feel neverous before an emergency and make a urgent  decision. all of these only be the basic conditions.now you know why it is not easy to become a white collar.sometimes we can't  help envying others.i think it's the human nature.what's  more  ,we must learn from their hard-working,because it's th real reason that they are more successful than others,what do you think of it?

09:41 AM Jun 13 2006



Lucky you. Life is beautiful. Just take everything easy. Always think of the bright side, you'll get out of it.

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