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February 20, 2019

No puedo entender la situación.

¿Por qué nos quieren separar? 

Sé en mi corazón que no hice mal.

Sólo expresé mi  amistad.

¿Hay algún error en ello?

¡Díganme si hay algún error en ello!

No, no quiero terminar esta amistad.

Porque nos queremos mucho.

Y esto es raro.

¡Sepan que la amistad que tenemos es un regalo de Dios! 

07:21 AM Mar 21 2019


what are these? i know most of the characters, but know nothing about the sentences. Philippines native language? 

September 2, 2018

I don't care if I am hurt by any.

I don't care if my heart lacerates.

I don't care if I weep blood.

I don't care if I am being chopped. 

What I care the most is you.

The lacerations, the heartaches,

The blood weeping, the body chopping.

I think I deserve those things

Because I am over-all wicked and wretched.

No tantamount of mercy to be shown 

No compassion and love to be felt towards me.

But you, you are above merciful,  compassionate and loving.

You love me in spite of my flaws.

You never stop showing me your mercy

And compassion even how frail I am.

Now my heart is in compunction .

Literally,  I feel guilty and amazed at the same time.

And I am hopeful that one day you will draw me to the perfection of your love.

That I will be in your bosom,

Singing forever of  your mercy and tremendousness.


August 31, 2018

It's flabbergasting to see myself

hitting it off with you immediately. 

A short period of getting along with you

did not make a hindrance to be close to you. 

Despite the fact that the time we spent together  

was short, we bonded strongly.

Your saccharine grins and well wishes

have touched my innermost being

and played a big part in my recovery. 

My bleak frame became alive. 
It's like I drank clarré.

I got drunk happily.