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March 4, 2011

Sam from  Spain , 23 now , 187cm tall & 85kg,  I born there but we moved from Spain when I was 2 years old (as I told ) because of my Dad's work , he is an Arab from Saudi Arabia but My lovely Mom is from Spain so I'm a mixed boy,,,,,,,,,,since then I lived in 4 countries , I really have many friends from all over the world ,

When I was 17 I start to travil & I really did , since I started I met many people , I saw alot & I was able to learn about others cultures , I had a creat time , me & my best friends ( Roy ) till now we travilled together , this is my 6th year & whenever I can I will travil again & again & again ........... Man it's the best Smile.........I have been in 19 countries , 4 of them I lived for a while there , but when you have a good friends like Roy , the time will be great for you each time in each country.

Thats about some of my life .

all members here who read this , I love to have you as friend & feel free to ask about anything about me


Roy I really missed your ugly ass , see on June & go again man

take care all & Thanks for reading this guys

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03:57 PM Jul 04 2011



Very nice! very cosmopolitan guy)))) nice to meet u) encantada))

06:37 AM Mar 19 2011


nice to kno u...send my regards to roy..lool

02:37 AM Mar 05 2011


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Which countries have you traveled?

06:50 PM Mar 04 2011

Criz search

Great experience my friend, What do you do beside travelling?