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March 13, 2010

 Hm. Just found this. Wondering if i should give it a try?

Cassi doing a blog?... ME ?!..Waiting for reactions..  Nah , doesn't sound tempting. But lets give it a go !
Im sure no one will read it anyways so :D

Ok, Status update, Im hungover from last night.
Didn't have much to drink so Im surprised I feel like this.
yuuuk ! Cry It's to bad I was really looking forward to go snowboarding,
I must pass on that now, Well not MUST but whats the point.

Well, well, well..  Over all we had a really fun night! So it evens out a bit.





01:27 PM Dec 17 2010


United Arab Emirates

lol,,things mixed up in my mind but thats good to write a blog ,keep it up :D