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April 21, 2009

The Buddha's first Great Victory is the victory over Devaputta Mara.It was the full moon day of Kason(May)in the year 103 Maha Era(B.E) that the Bodhisatta repulsed the army of Devaputta Mara.

       The Bodhisatta,sitting in a cross-legged posture on the invincible throne,made the firm resolution."Let my flesh and blood dry up and let only my skin,nerves and bones remain!Never shall I unfold this cross-legged posture".At that time,Devaoutta Mara of Vasavatti celestrial realm knew that the Bodhisatta would gain Buddhahood on that day.He thought himself thus ,"Siddhattha is striving to escape from the three spheres of influence.I can't give him any opportunity to escape from domain".So he marched with great army to fight the Bodhisatta .Mara's soldiers were so numerous that the whole universe was crowded with them.The troops in various weapons  in his one thousand hands,rode on his elephant,Girimekhala.The battle cries of the marching troops rumbled like the thunder in all directions.

        At the moment,Sakkha was blowing his two hundred-cubit-long Vijayuttara conch;Mahakala,the Dragon king,was chanting verses in praise of the Bodhisatta and Brahma  Sahampati was holding the white umbrella over the Bodhisatta as a token of paying homage to the Bodhisatta.

        However,when Mara's army approached,the Bodhisatta was alone as those three fled to suitable places.Mara ordered his men to attack the Bodhisatta from the rear as they did not dare to attack the incomparable Bodhisatta from the front.Then the Bodhisatta thought to himself thus,"Mara and his numerous troops came to attack me.Neither my parents nor relatives are by my side.I have to rely on my Ten Perfections  which I have cultivated for a long time.I shall defend them with the power of these Perfections."Thinking so,the Bodhisatta contemplated on his Ten Perfections."

       Mara raised a violent cyclone in the direction of Bodhisatta so that the latter would surrender his invincible throne.That cyclone was violent enough to crush forests,villages and towns.Yet it could not ruffle the edge of the Bodhisatta's robe because of the power of the Ten Perfections.

      Then Mara attempted to kill the Bodhisatta by drowning them ,and so he made the rain fall in torrents.Nevertheless,even the edge of the Bodhisatta's robe did not get wet.Thereafter,Mara created showers of stones,weapons,flames,hot ashes,sand-storms and mud flows on one after another.However ,Mara was incapable of harming and frightening the Bodhisatta Next he created  deep darkness so that the Bodhisatta would be scared away from the throne,That darkness again was not an effective attack.

         Seeing that all his attacks were in vain.Mara commanded his men by shouting:"Seize Siddhattha.Kill him.Drive him away."He himself riding on his elephant,Girimekhala,and holding various dreadful weapons ,shouted to the Bodhisatta:"Hey,Siddhatta,get off from the throne.That throne is mine,not yours!"

   The Bodhisatta,in reply,said:"Mara,you have not fulfilled the Ten Perfection,nor have you exercised the Three Noble Practices,nor have you performed the five Great Sacrifices.I am the only one who has fulfilled all these.So this invincible throne does belong to me,not to you."

     On hearing the words of Bodhisatta,Mara lost his temper and threw his various weapons at the Bodhisatta.Mara 's troops also threw their weapons at the Bodhisatta.However,all these weapons proved to be of no effect.At last the Bodhisatta said:"The throne did not arise on account of the merit of their charity."Mara asked his troops to bear witness to him.His followers shouted that they bore witness to Mara's charity .The Bodhisatta put out his right hand,and pointing to the great earth,said thus:"This throne appeared as the result of my perfections.Let alone the perfections accumulated in my various past existences,even the seven great charities made in my life as Vassantara,caused this great earth to tremble seven times.This Great Earth is my witness."At the moment the Great Earth,in order to bear witness to the Bodhisatta's perfections,trembled violently,causing loud thunderous sounds to appear.Mara and his followers were frightened and they fled in disarray.

    After the Bodhisatta had repelled Mara's armies,dragons,garudas,devas and Brahmas shouted:"Devaputta Mara has been defeated.The Bodhisatta has won a great victory."They offered scented flowers and perfumes to the Bodhisatta and celebrated  his victory in great joy.


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