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March 20, 2010



Why can give me a beat the heart




This first song which dials in the peaceful curriculum

Let my deep feeling invisible move

Listens respectfully to some kind of news which carefully this first song wants to express

This morning 8:00 accident receives this to telephone lets me be surprised, and regretted

Is listening to the telephone opposite party sound low and deep surface non-expression sound

Brings the news is… Five uncle at past 3:00 am time    Walked.

I do not dare to believe this if suddenly however matter, because we in new year's celebration time only then has met

This sickness is the family inherits " Myocardial infarction "

Because is also this appearance walks before two uncle

My father also has this kind to get sick he also to start to worry also once related his chest often pain with me

Let me worry very much

I thought if now wants the means to adjust and adapt him life that he to be more orderly

Advises politely everybody to attendance own body well!! (do not let innocent person worry)

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