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March 28, 2014

 Be a little more resilient…

     To those of you out there on the verge of despair, battling with setbacks after setbacks, I’d like to urge you to never give up on your well thought out objectives. It is important not to mistake a setback for failure. Should you ever experience any type of disappointment at anything you’ve put so much effort into, let that never be an excuse to give up on your dream.

      Achieving a dream is not an easy task – If you think about it – you’ll often hear “I’m chasing a dream…” not the other way around [a dream is chasing me], that’s unheard of, unconceivable and utterly obsolete if you think you’re entitled to success without breaking a sweat. Once you’ve come to terms with the inevitable fact that you must chase your dream, you’ll need one key thing, which is an iron-clad determination; if you’re going to have a winning chance in that chase. You’ll also need an action plan of your choosing. In fact, I would recommend more than just one; it’s always safe to have Plan Bs and Cs (Reaction Plans, I call them) to fall back on, should the first one come short.

    It’s only March and I’ve already been through all the circles of hell, and back. I’ve hopped from one setback onto another and the next; it seems I’m going to set a record this year. But I had vowed to be more resilient; I set my mind to make this year count as a successful one, come rain or shine.

…don’t quit.

June 15, 2013

Presentation Day: The Groups :)

[This is a continuation of my blog “Presentation Day: The individual Project”] .Enjoy!

{…I was about to call for a meeting. “Guys” I yelled} 

I sounded louder than intended, which decidedly made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

     They froze at once, and stared at me in expressions that commanded a justification for my outburst. However, I could not have chosen any worse a time to lose my train of thought .It took me an awfully long time before I could utter anything, before I garner the courage to say to myself: “Buck up Snoopy, you’re embarrassing yourself by not saying anything; speak now!” I felt somewhat more composed and I do not know for certain whether they took notice of the edge of nervousness that was in my voice at the time, but in any case, I told them that we needed to have a meeting. “Now!” I insisted, although I hit the soft pedal on my decibels that time but that did not undermine any of my authoritative timbre. To my surprise no one said anything or even batted an eyelash. One would have thought that I have just addressed them in some arcane Icelandic dialect. They looked stunned and slightly annoyed. “Look, it does not have to be long but, it’s crucial that we discuss one or two things today. I hate to sound overbearing but I presume each of you understands the importance of this project and…” I paused mid-sentence and decided to bolster my request with a little theatrical performance, so I shook my head as if in despair and addressed them:“… you know? Why am I such a geek? I think I did well in my individual project and if I ace my final exam-which I can- I think I will be able to offset my bad score for this project, I just need a passing grade”. Unsurprisingly, that strategy worked; as I was making my way out towards the parking lot, Enne announced that she could spare a few minutes if that meeting is not going to be that long. Jemina miraculously discovered that she has nothing important to do after class and thought a little meeting would not hurt. All eyes were pelted at Joos, at that moment, he quickly realized he had the final verdict, and did he like the attention he was getting. He scratched his scalp, glanced at his wristwatch and even though none of us expressed it with a sigh, but we all were relieved when he finally made up his mind that he would stick around. I was almost certain I heard fanfares blasting in my head for I had just managed to rally up my team, like a true leader would. While I was taking in this conceited haze, somebody else had already dislodged me from my high seat. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go, let’s go! Let’s not waste any more time now, let’s get down to business then, shall we?” It was a concerned Joos, amping us up, pointing to us where we should huddle up, and what mystified me even further was how cordial he was with the ladies, he offered to take their coats and was willing to buy them refreshments too. I don’t know how such reflection crept into my mind, but I interpreted the looks I received from Enne and Jemina as if I was being reprimanded for not being up to par with Joos’ chivalry- I could have sworn he had a sneer on his face when I looked. Thankfully, I snapped out of this taunting idea and restrained myself well enough not to make monkey of Joos when the girls turned down his propositions. I was rather disgusted with myself for that instance of envy and ‘snarkiness’. “For what? It is not the time to have a testosterone bout with that guy, it never should be”. I chided myself. When my egocentric fit waned, I found it was easier to accept Joos in the role of the leader-of-the -day. The joy of partaking in a well-overdue team meeting was too immense to wallow in senseless jealousy. 

     As on cue, when we were all seated, everyone pulled out a notepad and something to write with, without anyone’s command- “Wow! That’s promising”, I felt. We were at long last taking matters seriously. The meeting officially started with Joos asking us to fill him in with our concept, I obliged almost instantly. Without missing a beat, I told him all about our plan in a very pragmatic fashion. I made sure my eyes were fixated on him alone, giving him a clear signal that the girls had already approved of that idea. At first, he looked grossly uninterested and I expected him to cut me off at any moment and snap something like “This plan sucks!” I pressed on, and even had to improvise and incorporated some information that was not on paper in order to woo his approval. As I carried on, I earned some few nod out of him, which pleased me. 
“… that’s pretty much sums up our plan, it can use a few touch ups, other than that, I think it’ll make for a decent project. What do you think?” I concluded; in a cleverly disguised, matter-of-factly voice. He said it was OK with the idea, but in no way was he impressed. So, to clear the air between us, I asked him whether he would like to add anything else to it. Apparently, that was the kind of invitation Joos was praying to hear. He had a myriad of inquiries to make, I answered most of them and whenever I stuttered Enne would step in to help and Jemina would ice the cake with some savory imagery to satisfy his inquisitive mind. Ultimately, he admitted that the project was too commonplace. “Don’t get me wrong guys, but if we are to stick with this, as is, we ought to be the first to present because I’ll bet money one of these other groups will present something similar”.

[The business plan the girls and I conceived was that we would pretend that we are four investors seeking a new business venture in a foreign country. In the development of the business project we needed to have an executive summary of the plan, some general information about that country, i.e. culture, economy, political and social matters, its natural resources and indicate why the industry of our choice would flourish there, and more. We agreed that we would focus our interest in the tourism and hospitality industry; hence, we drafted a plan for a state of the art and all-inclusive resort in that country]

    Joos’s comment hit me like a wrecking ball had just landed on my temple. He had radically dwarfed my “big” idea, but my common sense dictated me that he was absolutely right. A resort was in fact a clichéd business venture, and I know our instructor would expect something more challenging and original from us, this was a university-level assignment, after all. We might as well come up with the erupting volcano kids present every year as their science projects; it would have made no difference. I was still in my own little world when suddenly I heard a coy and dispirited Enne assert: “He’s right, Snoopy”. Jemina was blunter “Good, now we’re back to square one”. I wanted to add ‘all of our effort come to naught’ but what came out instead was “Do you have anything Joos? ... Anything?” I was joined by a choir: “Joos, please” meowed Jemina, “Yeah, man, we know you’ve got something” said Enne. All three of us were in plea and that made Joos smile, and this tense situation was fast turning into a self –deprecating comedy: “we’re screwed” one would say “ No, we suck” the other would reply ,that went on for minutes, which at the time I thought was better than crying ourselves in self-pity.

     “I have an idea!” cried Joos, interrupting our satirical play. We all were pleasantly surprised at his announcement. “What is it, what is it” begged Jemina, even I, couldn’t hide my excitement “Yeah, man what is it?”When Joos finished sharing his idea with us, our faces lit up like a pumpkin, my eyes bulged out and grew as big as two saucers. I shrieked: “Awesome, I like it!” What made Joos’s plan extraordinary was that it didn’t defeat the purpose of the research that we had already gathered, it married easily well. He really had pulled out a fat rabbit out of the hat with his brilliant proposition. Afterwards, we felt as though we had accomplished a ton of work, when in reality our project was simply a better idea, no notes were taken and nobody was assigned any task for that matter. However, we figured we have had enough emotions and brought our meeting to a close, on condition that we meet during the week before next Saturday, the day the group presentations are due. After reaching a consensus, we determined that our next conference will meet on Wednesday and soon after that, we parted. Joos didn’t shy and declared that he was heading straight to a nearby pub- No one knew if that was an oblique invitation to celebrate his genius, but apparently, no one else was in the mood for booze. 

     Sooner than we wished, Wednesday rolled in and we were to meet at a previously discussed location and indulge ourselves in a power meeting. It was late in the evening but I pulled up ten minutes early than the time we compromised to meet at. Surprisingly, Joos and Jemina were already there as I approached our pow-wow area, and they both greeted me with a content smile. “I wouldn’t miss this meeting for the World Cup” I quipped. Joos’s response was witty as well, he said: “We were about to get started without you”- “…and Enne” Jemina remarked. “Oh, right! Her” Joos seemed to have just realized that Enne was not present, although she wasn’t late, per se. So we chit- chatted for a moment and tried to avoid any discussion related to the project for that time being. However, after 30 minutes or so we began to wave our eyebrows, ‘where in the world is Enne?’ our expression seem to convey. Finally, Jemina had had enough, she wiped out her phone: “I’m going to call her…can’t believe she could actually forget about our meeting”. Joos and I nodded in agreement. Jemina dialed her number and placed the phone on the table in front of us, I assumed the call was set on speaker so we all could listen in. The phone rang for an awful long time, long enough that Joos lost his cool and said “I think she’s avoiding us right now, maybe she doesn’t care, I say we start without her”, not realizing that Enne had already picked up when he was launching his rant. Jemina and I sat baffled, wondering how Enne would take those words. She answered “Hello, guys” and Jemina asked rather cautiously “we were just worried about you; you think you can still make it?”Before Enne had a chance to follow up with Jemina’s request, Joos attempted to play down his statement from earlier by adding “Did you hear what I said? You know I was joking, right?” Enne offered a blatant “whatever” as response, which Joos found funny and cackled loudly at, Jemina and I were laughing too, but we made certain we could not be heard by her. After coming forward with a solid excuse, Enne broke it up to us that she will not be able to attend the meeting but proposed: “I can stay on the line… If can be useful to you all”. I detected a tinge of frustration and sarcasm in her statement, clearly made to torment Joos further, I supposed. 

    We ended up getting a lot done this time as far as our project is concerned; although our meeting was shortened considerably due to the fact Enne wasn’t present, physically. Jemina was eager to leave, for some strange reasons “Ok, so, are we done? ... I think we’ve covered a lot tonight…we’re in good shape, no?”. I guessed she must have felt ‘outgendered’ and somewhat uncomfortable. When Joos and I decided to wrap up she couldn’t have been more relieved. One thing remained undefined, as we were packing up: when our next meeting is going to be? -Because we needed to stitch together the segments that we were each assigned, and polish the final project together. We only had two days cushion before the dreaded and looming Saturday to work out a few things Joos raised to the occasion again, and showed another moment of brilliance. Joos’s suggestion is that we all meet up on Google +. He even took the time to walk us through what it was when he saw the intriguing looks on our faces,” Google plus, isn’t that something like a social website?” “Yeah, I don’t even have a Google account” “Me too” “Me three”. He explained to us the concept of Google Docs, which could enable us to work simultaneously on a document at the comfort of our homes. I remember, I almost launched myself to him and hug him for acquainting us with that science. Then and there, Jemina and I created a Google account; Enne did the same on her end. We exchanged our newly generated email addresses and Joos added us in his friend list. He then set up a Google document we can edit and add stuff to as we pleased. Little by little, Joos was rekindling the joy I felt when I first found out he would be in my group, he was proving that he was such a great asset after all, and did so at the most crucial of times. For the first time, in a long time, I felt that we were making striding progress. Before we parted, we set a deadline for ourselves that each of us should paste our work to that Google doc, by Friday night at 7:00 PM at the latest and that we all should be online on Google plus for a final revision before we hit “Print”.

     That same night, I logged in my Google account and was the first to make a contribution to the project’s document. I had a slight advantage, having already conducted some steep research and considering the fact that the project was 50% my brain child, that was no surprise. I literally re-worded and made a few rectifications to the notes I gathered before. By midnight or so, I thought I had typed three well documented paragraphs and decided to call it a night. The next morning, I logged back in to see if anyone had made any comments or added anything to our document but unsurprisingly so, nobody had typed a comma or even logged in to view the document. So later into the day, I decided to check back to see how the project was evolving- that time, I could see that Joos was online and so was Enne yet the document was still three paragraph long, I signed off and thought “Ok, I would check again that night”. While at work, having already completed my task for the project and with some time to kill, I searched the internet for some articles that perhaps, my colleagues could find useful, I found a host of them, wrote them down so that I can share with the group later on. As planned, I consulted the document again, still, the document haven’t budged a thing. I figured I would post the links to those articles I found earlier and maybe provoke the others to write something. Friday morning, same story, same disappointment upon finding nothing new in the document and nobody was online, to make matters worse, my stomach was in knots, I was scared and furious. I made many attempts to call my colleagues but only to tell myself:”wait Snoopy, you’re being a geek again, give them time, it’s not even 7:00 PM yet”. At around 7:30 while I was lying on my back fondling the dialing pad of my phone nervously, I received a text message, and it was from Enne: “Thanks for the links, they were very helpful…Have you heard from Jemina or Joos? Their status read offline”. Without caring to reply, I logged in Google + and into the document. “Yes” I said as I punched the air with my fist when I found out that Enne had added two more paragraphs to mine. She was online and quickly replied to an instant message I sent to her via the chat feature on Google+, I told her I have not heard from the others since Wednesday. Then, it looked as though she was panicking,” god! What are these two doing?” – Even though I was actually happy someone other than me was worried; I tried to reassure her that we still had plenty of time and that we should give not put any pressure on them. She didn’t sound too convinced and I couldn’t blame her. As her and I were having some small talks I noticed that someone had pasted a big chunk of sentences into the document, I almost jumped through the ceiling, it was Jemina’s. Enne was just as vigilant and on the left side of my screen I could see a note that read:” Jemina, I’m glad you’re here!” I joined into their chats and Jemina suggested that we could begin with a Power Point presentation with the data we had at hand thus far. I quickly assumed that responsibility and began right away. A few moments after, Jemina asked to be excused because she had an ongoing party at her house and she needed to attend to a few things, but promised that’d shell stay online and come and check on us periodically. Enne said that she’d be around if I needed help with the power point and idled herself. 

     It was well past 10 O’ clock when I completed the Power Point Slide show. I relayed the news to Enne, who had to call Jemina so that the three of us could regroup and review it together along with the project report. After a few minutes of collective revision, the girls pointed out to me that our project wasn’t bad at all- nonetheless, it looked a whole lot similar to our original idea before Joos had any involvement in it. The girls were absolutely correct, we were back to the simple resort idea, although it lacked the original angle Joos’s section could have brought, it was a wholesome project. Jemina’s last question before she asked to be dismissed and hit the hay was who should be the first speaker of the group. To that, Enne simply advised that we memorize our assigned segments and to cunningly speak so that we could each last five minutes. “Yeah, 15 minutes, that should do it” agreed Jemina and then said good night and signed off. So now, it was just Enne and I and a taunting reflection in my head for a moment I was under the impression that the girls were willing to cut Joos out of the group. It was now 10:30-ish, Enne claimed she could barely keep her eyes open and wondered how late I plan to wait up for Joos to show up. I told her I did not know. She asked if she could leave, I said yes and reassured her that I will have everything printed out for tomorrow. She signed off but sent me a text message on my phone that pretty much said: “Call him, if he doesn’t pick up, leave a message. Give him an ultimatum that by midnight if he doesn’t show up, he’s no longer needed”. I was taken aback at her statement to which I inquired: “And what if he shows up?” Her response: “I doubt that he will. But if by some godly chance he does, tell him that he will be the first to speak, (smiley face)”. I had the phone in my hand for five minutes not knowing what to reply and feeling a little sleepy myself, eventually I end up replying something like “OK, goodnight”. When I looked at computer’s my screen, I noticed a cursor was moving across it. I thought my computer was being hacked into, but I became conscious that it was Joos tampering with the Google document. I closed my eyes and breathed a deep sigh of relief ‘Thank goodness’ I mouthed. I watched in total astonishment how quickly he was highlighting stuff, then deleting them and rephrase our sentences in far better words. He added a few lines here and there. Corrected the many grammatical errors we’ve overlooked, reordered the sequence of our paragraphs, typing as fast as lightning that my eyes could barely keep up. He showed so much enthusiasm in perfecting our work that I didn’t want to break his concentration and asked him about his section. After 15 minutes or so, I took advantage of a rare moment of pause where he seemed to have been gathering some ideas and announced my presence to him. His first remark right before apologizing for his tardiness was an acknowledgment to the job the girls and I had done, he thought it looked good. I told him that I can’t imagine how much better it would look once he’d added his section to it. He told me not to look forward to that, he hadn’t conducted any research yet. “It’s midnight, Joos, are you going to stay up late and do it?” I asked vaguely, not really expecting an affirmative answer. “No” and he continued “I’m burned out, I just came back from a seminar and I'm totally out of it tonight, but I will verbally touch on it tomorrow during our presentation”. “Joos, do you think we can get five minutes out of you? The girls and I are pitching in 15 minutes” I asked. “If you want I could be the only speaker for the group, I do that on a weekly basis, all I need is glance over that document a few times, and it’s registered in my mind “He replied with utmost confidence. I told him that we will go over that with the girls in the morning and added that if I had my way I would not have minded being the speaker for the group either. It wasn’t until after I sent him that message that I realized I might have unwittingly sent him a message that I was just as good as him, which I wasn’t. I quickly made up for that by writing: “I’m off to bed. Thanks for the corrections. That’s quite impressive”. He must have contemplated these last words for three minutes before replying: “I’m glad I can help” and “Good night”. I shut down my computer, crawled up to bed and I guess I fell asleep before my head could hit the pillow.

     I woke up the next day feeling well rested .My alarm set off as soon as I grabbed my phone to determine how many hours of sleep I had. Without making a fuss I silenced it and turned my gaze to my computer, almost as a reflex. I was not ready for the surprise that was awaiting me when I logged in on Google + to assess our business plan document one last time. In addition to what the girls and I had written, there was an an executive summary page, a table of content and two more paragraphs that looked like Joos’s section. I was astounded at how incredibly better our project shaped into. I knew I was too old to believe that some fairy elves had visited overnight and done this magical makeover to our work. It must have been Joos’s exploit, it had to be. Without any hesitation, I printed the document out and in my binder it went, ready to be handed to the instructor. I checked also on our Power Point slides, but this one remained untouched and I was fine with that. I was transformed into the real life smiley emoticon; I couldn’t wipe the gleeful grin off my face even when I was soaping it in the shower. : ). At a time when I should feel stress and panic, I was glowing with excitement and wishful anticipation for that presentation. 

    I could hear chatters coming echoing in the hallway as I was about to enter the classroom. I made a timid entrance and only a few students noticed, Joos and Enne were among those. Our instructor was also present; she could have easily been mistaken for a student since she occupied a seat among us, leaving her hot seat for the leaders of each group. There was also a row of seats set up as to face the audience. I took a seat behind Joos whom turned to greet me. His bloodshot eyes left no doubt in my mind that he did not blink last night and that he was indeed the elf that sprinkled magic on our project. I wanted to thank him for that, but somehow I did not, I just smiled and said Hi. Enne was in another row and isolated herself from everyone; she had what I assumed was a copy of our report in her hands and seemed consumed by it. A few seconds after I noticed that all the other groups were huddled together (possibly assigning which member will be the first to speak) I realized that my group was not having such discussion. We were too cool for my liking and I started to fret but not to the point that I was nervous. Jemina arrived and made quite an impression; her high heels shoes were clacking very loudly, like a lone fiddler crab trying desperately to free itself from an aluminum bucket. She had a “oops” expression on her face when she sat next to Enne. Quickly after, I gathered my stuff and joined the girls, Joos did the same. We exchanged greetings and delved right into the debate of whom will take the forefront of the group, and how many of us will actually address the audience. It didn’t take us long before we settled on that each member will speak [and in this specific order : Joos opens up with an executive summary, I am to follow up with some general information about that country, then Jemina will present some of the features of the resort, Joos is to introduce his section, which will make us stand apart from any business of that type in the area, Enne is responsible for the laws and regulations we’d need to take into consideration, I resurface and share some cultural/social elements that would help our business thrive abroad along with some financial budget and tables. Lastly, Joos would wrap up with yet another summary]. We all looked confident and ready.

     “OK class, whenever you’re ready. Which group would like to present first?” our instructor asked. “That’d be us” said one of our classmates, her hand eagerly aloft and calling upon the other members of her group to stand up. They positioned themselves in front of the class and all of us were applauding them copiously. In my opinion their presentation was quite good, the theme was around food services, and the type of clientele they’d cater, made their idea very unique. And thanks to one of the members’ culinary skills, they were able to have us sample some of the goods they’d provide. After inviting the class to ask any question to the group, our instructor made a few comments and particularly congratulated them on their original concept; which made me ponder about how she would have reacted to our project had Joos not voiced his intelligent remark and suggestion during the meeting we had that previous Saturday. While my mind was still skipping I could hear the teacher pointing out to the group that just finished presenting that they would have done so much better if the other members were as proactive as their leader was during the presentation. As it turned out, only her did all the talking, the others were merely filling the seats and smiling all throughout the lecture. ...And that, my dear readers, was one mistake the following group did not plan on making. ;)

As always, thanks for reading

~Snoopyboy (:

11:27 PM Jan 21 2014



Always reminds me of you!

Last but not least...

08:46 AM Jun 17 2013



Glad to have you here, Lesya. I see you're already leaving a mark by revolutionizing the way people communicate here , by adding QR codes in your notes. Once I master that encoding skill my blogs will never look the same, in the interest of space occupancy :D.

You're right!, this blog will forever be the mirror into the past to relive this wonderful experience. Your comment is very much appreciated,Lesya. Thanks!!

11:35 PM Jun 16 2013



Hello, Snoopy! :) Long time no see :)))

Glad to see you active again.

It was a long gap between your publications.

Snoopy's followers are probably tired to wait your new blogs for so long            (exaggerating :))))) Anyway, great job has been done by you in this part of your blogging. The very detailed descriptions where the complicated English was used make this blog look like a serious article which is ready to be an excellent memory for you each time you'll refer to it again in the future.

You know what? : ) Google team becomes faint on the background of Snoopy’s team ;)) Keep on impressing your followers, Snoopy! : -)

12:11 PM Jun 15 2013



Ryo, thanks for your warm and tingling comment. I'm glad to see you around, too :)

Mess, I appreciate your feedback which I find very boosting. I really am overwhelmed by your compliments. ( Language skills? I don't know. Sharp memory? Oh yes! :D )

Thank You.

10:57 AM Jun 15 2013


Saudi Arabia

nice  to  see  you  again ;)

10:37 AM Jun 15 2013



I have to confess that rather than the story, I was fascinated by the elaborately picked words in every single sentence, and each sentence decorated with playful words made my heart hop excitingly like a little kid seeing toffee-apple in his mother's hand. I could not help reading more and more, and wondering what sort of surprise would be presented in the next sentence. 

Great post, Snoopy! You should know, though, that earnestly focused on the word order, I did not miss understanding your story. I always trust your brilliant mind. Only an acute mind could put his feelings into words so successfully and transform words into something else. You prove my theory right - that people who have unusual language skills have indeed sharp with and bright mind. :)

November 9, 2012

Presentation Day: The Individuals

(The Saturday following the events in my blogs “A Saturday Thrill” and “The Plan”)

It was Speech Day for the individual projects.

 I barely made it on time for class because I spent too much time in front of my mirror trying desperately to convince myself that I was ready. I didn’t know how much confidence the mirror trick had brought me, all I knew is that I didn’t have that spring in my steps as expected, on my way to the classroom.

    The class was too crowded for my liking. I did a quick headcount as I searched for a seat. I resolved that only two students weren’t there, a conclusion which ruled out the chance of an annulment of the presentations. Although I wasn’t late but being the last person to show up put me in a tight spot. The teacher made it clear last week that any latecomer would be the first to present. And the fact that she quickly looked at the clock when she saw me entering the class wasn’t reassuring. I sat down hoping someone will turn up but no one else came in after me. I wasn’t as nervous as I was last week before the presentations got called out, but I wasn’t prepared to be the first on stage. Everyone waited in a Zen-like stillness. The clock became everyone’s enemy when it attracted the eyes of our instructor who shortly after announced very calmly: “it’s time!”

     Our instructor took a seat among us, leaving the stage for the would-be first presenter and the many others who would follow. Everybody winced in their seats wishing they could elude the scanning reading-glasses of hers.” What would it be class? I pick a name off my hat or is anyone of you would like to volunteer?” she asked pensively. After a brief moment of silence, some giggling and mumbling began to be heard. Every student was looking for a savior in their peers, “please, go first” they seemed to be pleading. I raised my hand, but it was not detected by the teacher because a voice made her steer towards it. “I’ll go “someone else attested. A choir or relieved applause accompanied her from her seat to the stage behind the makeshift podium. “That’s very brave of you” Joos thought, but he said that in almost a teasing manner. “Why didn’t you go first? Why don’t you show the very same courage and go next? “I wanted to ask him, but I resisted the urge. I didn’t want to start a blood sport over such matter.

     To my biggest amazement Joos opted to go after the girl had finished her presentation. She looked relieved as she slumps back in her seat. She deserved any bit of applause for her heroism. The class roared even louder when Joos took the stage. He showed no nerves at all. I couldn’t help but to smile when he begged the class to cease “Thank you, I’m very touched, please”. The next 20 minutes or so that followed his cheering held the class on the edge of their seats with his alluring speech.  All eyes were trained on him; nobody wanted to miss anything he had to say. When he was done he quickly asked “is there any clarification you guys would like to hear? Or I’ll try to answer some of the questions you might have “. “Any questions?” he persisted. Two students were brave enough to qualm his intelligence asked him two tricky questions that he gladly flattened. Another round of applause erupted and this time the teacher had to intervene to make us stop.  It would have been remiss of me if I didn’t think he’d earned his cheers. Silence reigned over the class once again, as we waited for a third volunteer. I was about to lift my rear off my seat when a student decided he’d go next. The applause took a little while to be heard and it was nothing compared to the ovation Joos ignited. He was less enthused, made minimal eye contact .He finished well below the 20 minutes mark we were assigned . He was asked only one question to which he simply answered ‘yes’ to.  

      It was nearing break time and the teacher suggested that we’d still have margin for one more speech. The somber silence that followed surpassed all adjectives. You would have thought she’d invited us to step on a gallows.  I really wanted to go then, but I would not have minded if someone else went. I waited, but so was everybody else.  “I will go “I raised my hand to say. The teacher gave me the nod to the stage, and the class gave me something unexpected, a deafening cheer. I thought I‘d won an Oscar. Jemina and Enne who sat next to each other were grinning and they gave me the thumb ups. Joos apparently didn’t mind sharing the spotlight, he was smiling. Unlike Him, I didn’t want the cheering to stop but it eventually did which indicated that I should begin speaking. I looked down at the notes I had on my flashcards, but they looked like nothing that I had written, I couldn’t read anything, not even my opening sentences. I was getting quite anxious. I know the expectation of the class was high by the intensity of their clappings, all the more reason for making a good impression. I began to shuffle around all the papers I had in my hands, notes that I knew were already in order. I turned them over, and ultimately I decided it’s best if I didn’t use any notes. I began. I introduced a summary of my business plan briefly and throughout the rest of my speech words came scampering out my mouth. As I browsed the classroom, I got a sense of how it looked when Joos was presenting.   Everyone’s eyes were glued on me, whether it was my idea they liked so much or the way I spoke that got them so focused, I wasn’t sure but it was working to my advantage. When I wrapped up I invited my peers to ask any question they would like to ask, something only Joos had done before. One came from the teacher herself “snoopy, could you please tell us, oh! first, excellent delivery” she led yet another round of clapping. I felt overly flattered. She went on to ask her question which I breezed through. However, Joos felt I was getting away too easily and asked a pointed question. He inquired about something I didn’t even mention about in my Power Point slideshow. At this point I felt that he was just being pesky and wanted to mar my lovely presentation. I wanted to weave out by lying and stating that what I failed to present in my slide was in the hard copy I intend to hand to the teacher. But I chose not to lie; I didn’t want that to backfire on me should the teacher choose to verify later. I stuttered but I managed to say “I’m afraid I failed to mention this point in my project, but you’re right, this is something I should have considered”. My response was merely theatrical but spared me the trouble of getting caught lying.

     I was among the first students that stampeded out class when we were told we could have a 30 minute break. I lolled around in the halls hoping perhaps our group could use this spare time to thrash out our project.  I examined the crowd of students but it seemed as though my partners had vanished.  “How do you think I did?” asked a rather familiar voice from behind me. I spun around on my heels and it was Joos facing me. “I think you were brilliant” I responded. There wasn’t any trace of pretense in my compliment, although he sort of took the gloss out  of my performance with his darn question. He told me he thought that I didn’t look like I wanted to be on the broad initially, but that I was able to pick myself up and capture the class in my speech. I thanked him but hastened to veer to the topic of our assignment, rather indirectly, by adding “I hope and I think we could do a better job next time”. I thought he realized what I was alluding to and responded dimly “Right, Right our presentation is due next week”.  I granted him with an empathic stare  that must have translated to him the rage that was spiking inside of me at that time; he looked down and began to scratch his scalp.”Next week!, that means we don’t have much time, man!” I asserted. He looked up and grabbed my shoulder and told me “We’ll be fine.., Look! You see that speech I just gave?”. “Yes, Joos, I saw it, heard it and I was impressed. But where are you going with this?” I asked a little worried. He smirked and said“I completed it this morning; the whole thing took me 3 hours man! 3 hours! We’ve got a week! We’ll be fine”. “Three hours? - Are you kidding me, you’re a genius!” I wowed. “Man, I’m hungry let’s go get lunch” he suggested ignoring my praise as though I had just called him by his proper name. I complied and we began to make our way out  the building.  At that moment I felt I was really  taking this project too seriously, it’s was four of us pooling our resources together and one of us was Joos- a persuasive speaker who could construct masterwork in just three-hour’s time. As we were walking he made a chilling revelation “You know, that project I presented earlier is a proposal my colleagues and I had done at work, I just had to change some of the figures around, cut out some irrelevant data, add a few more things to it and I was done”. I couldn’t believe my ears what he just said. I was shocked. “That was your individual project, fine! But we can’t pull out our group project from your archive at work Joos!- Ours must be original, we need to reap it from our brains and that can’t get done in three hours, and if you ask me,  one week is barely enough!” I squalled. “We can meet up after class today, we should come up with an idea” he said, trying to wind me down. [idea? We already have an idea Joos, and I’ll tube- feed it to you if you try to repel it] that reflection triggered a chuckle in me. He smiled, thinking maybe he had calmed my nerves with his words. “There you go, relax, we’ll be fine” he reassured.

     “Hey guys, we’re going to grab something to eat, would you like to join us?” suggested Enne, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.” Yeah! We can ride my car” cuckooed Jemina who stood next to her, dangling her keys with her fingers. The girls looked identical the way they dressed, I guessed the fashion talks they had last week apparently was responsible. Who knows, maybe they’d spent hours on the phone debating over what they’d wear, precious times they could have invested in working on our project instead. Anyhow, Joos was the first to comment, on the girls’ proposal “I should have brought my car today; it’s big enough to fit all of us”. The girls seemed baffled as they were still left waiting for an answer, not a boaster. “I think what Joos meant is that he will accept a ride from you, Jemina” I said with a lot of teasing in my tone.  We all were laughing at my amusing remark when one of our classmate interrupted “hey, is there room for one more? I’d like to come “. Jemina readily accepted. We headed to the parking lot and Joos claimed the passenger seat, Jemina was behind the wheel, Enne, our classmate and I occupied the backseats. “Joos, would  you mind giving up your seat to Enne? – A woman should always be on front and center” I mocked as we were about to pull out. That made everyone burst out laughing again.  I wanted to take another jab at him for his pompous remark but also in retaliation to his tricky question from earlier. But I guessed I was pushing my luck a little bit too far this time. He turned the laughter against me with a clever comeback” Well, Snoopy, I find it a little odd that you would want three guys crammed on the backseats. Is Enne making you nervous or what? Our classmate must have been choking by his own tears of joy he could barely speak “I… ( laugh) I think ( laugh)… I think he mowed you down Snoopy”. That made matters even worse for me as people were laughing even louder. “Ok, cut it off” said Enne springing as referee as always. Her intervention created a truce between me and Joos.  The laughing however didn’t stop and continued all the way the restaurant we were driving to. We poked fun at each other and the way we presented; the girls joked about how their presentation might turn out. All in all, our lunch break was very relaxing and not for even one second did I think about  the troubling matters of our group project; it was a 30 minutes of pure comedy.

     Our classmate declared something that I thought came as a major surprise as we entered the building on our way back to class. He said that we were a hilarious and on top of that were the best group and how he wishes he was part of it. If he only knew how far behind we were on our project, he would have bitten his tongue twice before he attested that. None of us took his compliment too seriously though. In fact, it was more like a farce to enliven the girls’ moods before their presentations. We took our seats and waited for the teacher to signal the next round. I was contemplating the expressions on my team-members’ faces when someone else was presenting. As misplaced as it sounded, I thought maybe our classmate’s remark had vibrated some senses of urgency in them concerning our project. They seemed preoccupied and tormented by something. I spent over 30 minutes in that pensive state, through many applause and speeches, I only snapped out of it when Jemina took the stage. I don’t think she underwent closer scrutiny from our instructor than what she got from me. I took mental notes of her strong points and where she could have done a better job in her speech. Enne went through the same strainer. Overall, I was very satisfied with the girls’ performance and I made sure each of them received a thumb up from me as repayment. They received the same show of support from Joos.  However found it a little ironic he didn’t try to cluster them or anyone else with any question like he did with me.

      The last student presented and was very engaging and funny during her time. The teacher took the stage and joked how a quiz would deservedly conclude our speeches. She was very brief in her closing words but said enough to express how she enjoyed our work “Enjoy the rest of the day, class; see you next week for your group presentations, good job!”.

     I was the last person to leave the classroom, scattered ahead of me was the rest of my group. Joos was heading towards the men’s rooms, I supposed Jemina was digging in her purse looking for her car keys, Enne was already consumed with a cell phone conversation. They were slipping away from me; God knows what that would cost us if I let them. I didn’t. I was about to call for a meeting.

“Guys!!!” I yelled.


Enne and Jemina were supposed to bring a rough draft of the research on their assigned sections we’d agreed on last week. I had mine clutched in my hand, did they bring theirs? – If not, the odds of convincing Joos would be abysmally low.

Thanks for reading.


~Stay tuned for the last of my blogs about those thrilling Saturdays ~



06:25 AM Apr 02 2013



Hi Moriza

thanks for your wish . I'm always in good spirit around Easter time and this year was no different.

I hope you had a lovely Easter as well. May you and your family be blessed in abundance.

take care.

04:47 AM Mar 30 2013



Hi Snoopy!

Happy Easter!!!

05:56 AM Mar 04 2013



Lovely story(diary).I'd like to ask literally,what you meant with these expressions:"put the reader in my shoes and merry girls."

11:19 AM Jan 24 2013



What about this?

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or this?

or this?

Yellow Tulips Field

10:02 AM Nov 20 2012



Yes, Moriza "perfect student according to my story or perhaps only for this specific class :).

Thanks for reading and you're right working as a group can present us with a lot of challenges. But like many other things in life, we can't deny  that it has it's advantages and downsides. Let's wait and see what the story unveils ;)

06:49 AM Nov 20 2012



As I promised yesterday,I,ve read your exciting story today.Bravo!You have great abilities in writing.You said "to be continue...",so I,ll wait impatiently for it.

 What I can say? You are a perfect student (according to the story),and Joos is your opponent.There is a struggling between you and him.From one side it stimulates and pushes you to run ahead of the race,but there are many minuses too.If to addition he is your friend,then your friendship is a weird combination of exciting and depressing (maybe not?).

It was an individual project and you deserve for a praise-well done.Let,s see what will happen in the next part.I,m sure,you won,t let things take a dark turn.

 I keep my eye waiting your story soon.

 Bye for now and good luck!

08:47 AM Nov 12 2012



Lesya, I summon you to the meeing to back me up in case things get bloody ;)

Your observations are very interesting .There's a battle going on and the merry girls sit way up high in the bleachers cheering every punch that's thrown or endured by either of us ;). Stay tuned for next class as the thrill or should I say the spill ends ;)

Thanks for your contribution and your time reading me

08:43 AM Nov 12 2012



Butta, at first glance I thought you were singing Enrique Iglesias ;)

Every line was designed to put the reader in my shoes and on stage with me ;). I tried to be as explicit I can in expressing what I went through that Saturday. Don't let the lenght of the blog fool you, everything I wrote I owe to my vivid memory of the event.

I really appreciate your read and your feedback ;)

04:16 AM Nov 12 2012



What I see in this part is the spirit of  veiled rivalry between two minds. This is  so-called “blood sport” between the hardworking mind (you) and lazy, envious, seeking easy ways for the achievement a brilliant success mind (Joos).

The type of personality as Joos usually get what  they want without troubles because “Joos-people” build their carrier by the cost of other people’s reputation or intelligence.

Enne and Jemina are merry girls relying basically on the ideas of their male groupmates  ;) Which idea will they support being already besotted of  Joos’s ability to hold the class’s eyes and ears wide-open?

Time and next blog will tell anyway.            

Thanks for sharing, Snoopy : ) I’m tuned : )

04:00 AM Nov 11 2012



♫♩♪ Oh, I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it

I li-li-like it, li-li-ke it, here we go..

Readin' it all over again ;)  

(Hint: tune of a well known Rockin' song by Status Quo from the late 70s)

What can I say and where do I begin, snoop? 

Every line was worth the read and the time I spent here on your blog.

This was clever, fun and awesome!

Keep up the chuckles that come along with reading your sequence ;)