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September 2, 2014

This morning was raining, I drove my car go for working, but when I got to overpass I met a lot of cars so that I couldn't run, I just step by step moved my car. At first I ran in the right way but so slowly I had to turn to the middle of path, I didn't realize this way was slow too, at that time, I turned to the left of the way I thought this is the best one but it wasn't, I was really upset because I would be late for work.

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07:12 AM Sep 03 2014

Mr. Learner

I can understand how did you feel even though I don't have a car... 
Actually, when I ride a car with someone and the roads are crowded, it makes me feel too much stressed. I feel really annoyed and uncomfortable even though I'm not the driver.

Maybe I'm an autisticc person in "cars world"!

By the way, I was annoyed by the terrible crowded spam blogs in this website, too. >_<