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My Special Days

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September 30, 2011


heyy guys, how are ya? =) I'm always fine and I study English everyday cuz I wanna talk to a lot of forigner people.My English might be wrong, I think, so I want to be corrected my WRONG English.

this is my first BLOG, but I dont know what to write LOL

I love listening to Taylor Swift so much. Her voice is very beautiful,lovely and AWESOME! I really LOVE her!! the only things I'm doing is listening to Taylor Swift all day long. ofc, when I also study English :> does anyone like or LOVE Taylor?? tell me ;>

see ya later @->--


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12:46 AM Oct 10 2011

Saudi Arabia

  • Hi.Thank u for being my friend. Would u please  send me ur mail so we can communicate with each other freely...And u can write me to oceanview_0102@yahoo.com... I well be waiting for u sweet friend..

06:42 AM Oct 01 2011



Thanks, really glad to hear that :>

Oh,you'd better listen to Taylor Swift! you might like her;>

08:11 AM Sep 30 2011


I think your English is actually pretty good.~  :3

I don't really know much about Taylor Swift however... :/