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December 25, 2008

This conversation was with one of my friends he is a new i mean a very new friend but i consider him one of my best friends.

He is Rikarduhedgehog

While chating together i wanted so smoke...............



no you cant smoke sad3 please dont smoke :(:( that's your path to the death :( i dont wanna you die because of the cigarrette.. :( Ibo please :( i know i cant do anything, i just know you in somedays, but you are my friend, and even i dont know you so well, i know you're a good person... and that you're doing will make you die...you probably will think that's just to make scare , or whatever, but no.. :( my grandpa smoked... do you know what happened to him? almost died.. but the smoke did very bad to his healthy... so it was one of the ways to make him die last monday... I know i cant do anything, but i wont ask for my self, but to those that you love, and to the child that there is on your picture! look how happy you are there! really, i never seen a happy pic like that.. i swear is one of the most happy pics i've seen in my whole life! think on it..dont make your life comes down, because of the cigarrete :(

Ibrahim says:what`s up?it is not mariguana it just a cigarret   

 ● Ostracized ●                 (Sleeping zZz (Y)) says:its just a cigarret..one today, one tomorrow.. the last one day, before your grave be ready    ● Ostracized ●                 (Sleeping zZz (Y)) says:but i wont say anything more :) its your life :) i just wished you can see that :) dont get angry with me please :)

Ibrahim says:i am very happy to hear  that from u

Ibrahim says: do u know what? thank u.

And that`s what happend, i decided to leave the smoke and i will leave it.

Thank u Riko


10:57 AM Jan 23 2009



hi thank u ....

12:59 AM Jan 03 2009



hiiiiiiiiiz u r so coooooooooooolSmile

11:57 AM Dec 25 2008



No thank`s Riko i toled u i liked it cause u r a realy human and good man

thank`s 4 u

06:42 AM Dec 25 2008


thaaaaaaaaaanks Ibo =)

thank you really very much =)

i dont have words to say thanks =)

i'm... OMG..i cant say anything :D

Thanks again, and please dont smoke! ;)