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November 14, 2008

Doctgor: Good morning. What can I do for you?
Patient: There's something wrong with my period. It's 25 days late . I believe.
D: I want to know when your last period was .
P: Oh , let me see I think it was my 17th , on time . I'd like to know if I am pregnant.
D: Well , any discomfort" And your appetite?
P: Discomfort? Yes . I have tenderness of my breast and poor appetite . I feel nauseous in the morning , but I don't feel like vomiting.
D: In that case , I suggest you have a pelvic examination . It is necessary.
P: OK, I'll have that .
D: Well , your uterus in enlarged and rather soft . Your pregnancy is about 6 weeks . Now we need some urine for a test.
D: Positive . You are pregnant . Congratulations! Please take good care of yourself.
Ptient: doctor , what shall I do for an antenatal examination?
Doctor: We'll take your weight and have you measured . We have to take your blood pressure , too.
P: My blood pressure is always OK.
D: But this is a special time.
P: OK.
D: I'd like to know when your last menstruation was.
P: It was on Aug . 14,1986.
D: Are your menstual cycles regular?
P: Yes , they are , I think .
D: In that case , your due date will be May 21,1987.
P: In May . It's good . I mean the weather , of course.
D: Yes . And if you have bleding , watery discharge , pain in your lower abdomen and legs , please tell me .
P: when I am tired , I have some pain in my legs.
D: If you have heriditary disease . You'd better not hide it from your doctor , for he'll tell you what to do in order to make your delivery safe.
P: I don't think I have any.
D: I suggest that you have an examination of routine blood and urine , liver function and blood group, take more nourishment and avoid sexual relations.
P: Thank you .I'll remember
Patient: Doctor , I really worry about my feet. They are swollen , and my fingers . too .
Dctor : do you have any dizziness , nausea , vomithing , headache or Blurred vision?
P: Only some headache.
D: Well , your blood pressure is 160/95mmHg.. And your eyelids , a little bit swollen , any bleeding?
P: No.
D: Your routine urine exam shows that the urine albumin is positive with 2 plus . Omit salt . We call your problem as toemia of pregnancy . You've got to be admitted to hospital .
P:Then I'd like to be admitted tomorrow.
Patient: Doctor , It's berrible . I saw some blood discharge today . This is 8day be fore my due date.
Doctor : Don't worry . we can help you .do you feel any pain in your abdomen?
P: Rather mild pain but not regular.
D: Any watery discharge?
P: No
D: Is this your first pregnancy?
P: No , it's the second time.
D: What about the first delivery?
P: It was quick , but I bled a lot soon after the baby was born.
D: if the placenta remains in the uterus for too long , you bleed.
P: I see

September 17, 2008

i feel so exciting that i found the "ebaby"net yesterday. in this net i can realize some foreign friends ,i can communicate with them even though i can't see them.and that's a good way o improve my english and open my mine.

thank you my dear friends, thanks you for your willingness to make friends with me.

best wishes to you