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| 06:38 PM Mar 14 2019


United States

It’s kind of funny if you consider that where I live, doo-doo and kaka mean the same things!
I wonder if he knows that?

| 09:52 PM Mar 08 2019



What does that mean, Sir, please? I thank you for commenting anyway.

| 02:29 AM Mar 08 2019




| 06:18 AM Feb 17 2013



Oh my! Why do people make such a fuss only because I posted the flag of Israel above a forum that deals with the official language of Israel. This doesn’t mean anything! Israel is just a nation! Israel’s citizens are people like everyone else and you may find some honorable as well as some less honorable individuals among them. To put an end to this in my opinion – please excuse the expression – ridiculous discussion, I’m going to change this picture. I just drew the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Alef. I hope these gentlemen are satisfied now. Thank you and good day!
P.S. I am going to remove any further comment that deals with Israel!

| 11:38 AM Feb 15 2013



Oh dear! Why can’t I even have a forum which I created to improve my Hebrew without having it turned into a discussion about politics or religion. Please don’t get me wrong ladies and gentlemen…I still think these are important subjects and I’m still into political, cultural and religious stuff, but exuse me. I use this forum to post Hebrew stuff in here and if some Israeli stumbles by and finds grammatical errors, he might correct me. Also I’m sure I’m not the only person in the whole big world who has to learn this as a foreign language. Thus this forum could be useful for others, too. After all everybody is free to read what I write in here and I don’t even mind if somebody else posted a question about Hebrew grammar in here. Actually I’d even appreciate that.
In addition englishbaby is a free website, meaning that I can post whatever I want as long as it is no troll post, nothing off topic and neither insulting nor threatening. Thus I may post the flag of any country. There is nothing wrong about posting the flag of a country, right? For example I’ve got this forum about learning Spanish which I posted under a photo of the flag of Spain. Does this mean that I condon what some Spanish soldiers who lived hundreds of years ago did to the Aztecs? I’m sure it doesn’t. It just didn’t seem too illogical to me to use the flag of Spain as a symbol of the Spanish language in general.
Well, it’s just the Internet. What can I say? Actually I even should be glad that nobody created a political or religious discussion under this picture of mine that deals with critically endangered plants.
P.S. Ladies and gentlemen, I doubt that posting the problems you’ve got with the state of Israel under a photo which deals with the problems a German girl has with the Hebrew language. In fact Israel is a democracy, which means that theoretically anybody could write a complaint letter to the Israeli president Schimon Peres. Maybe you could even start a whole petition and then send him the results of this petition. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t; but posting these things in here – especially since I already told you that this is off topic – most certsinly won’t help either.
I’m sorry for the rough tone in which this message was written. Usually I’m not like that, but I’m starting to get tired of users who keep posting political stuff in here, even though I already told them that this is a forum about grammar. Israel certainly isn’t a perfect state – nor is Iran, Germany or Romania – and thus I understand your complaints, but if you really feel the need to have a forum discussion about the state of Israel, you may as well create your own forum or find a forum that already deals with this subject. Thank you! Have a nice day!

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