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Syrian Arab Republic

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| 07:38 AM Sep 08 2017



Hey doctor,
I thought you as a medicine student might find the following interesting:
The latest episode of the German informative TV-show “marktcheck” was about stroke. They say that the following factors increase the risk of getting a stroke:
>taking certain pills and other medical substances like the anti-baby-pill
>eating too much non-plant-fat
>not moving your muscles enough
>genetic factors
>certain chronicle diseases
>old age (people over 60 years shouldn’t be left alone for too long as they might get a stroke and require immediate help)

| 11:30 AM Apr 23 2013


Syrian Arab Republic

Here is a good and worth sharing question I have read. I read this question on Quora.com, which is a questions and answers website, it has many specialists in many fields. I encourage you to sign-up in Quora.com, you can sign-up using your Facebook account.
Now here is the question:
What is the best way to support the body to its optimal potential?
The best rated answer is:
1. Meditate.
2. Eat whole, real foods, from a farm.
3. Exercise 20 minutes each day.
4. Sleep 8 hours each night.
5. Spend at least 20-minutes de-stressing each day.
6. Limit “screen time” to no more than 4 hours per day.
7. Spend at least 1 day per week in nature.
8. Spend at least 4 weeks per year away from technology, cell phones, screens, electric power lines, civilization, in nature.
9. Experience an identity-level shift where you realize finally “I am not the person who does those unhealthy things (eats unhealthy food / smokes / drinks / stresses / doesn’t sleep enough”
10. Oh yeah, have a close and intimate friendship group and loving family that you’re with all the time.

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