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how can we develop our speaking and listening skills....



I suppose the most important skills are speaking and listening. because the goal of a language is contacting people. if you have not good listeninng and speaking skills you may not communicate to anyone. HENCE we should improve our these skills. BUT HOW?????

10:11 AM Aug 28 2006 |

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Please advise me some courses to improve my speaking and listening as soon as possible.

12:13 PM Aug 28 2006 |



I think watching English audio films will help u to develop these skills. it is the cheapest way of it…

02:04 PM Nov 04 2006 |



i think watching the movie is the best way to learn english listening,and about speaking ,you must say anytime and anywhere.no matter what others say.do you think so?!

01:24 PM Nov 06 2006 |


United States

Language exchange works well for this, you need to listen the other person speaking the language you know and vise versa. This is exactly how I have improved, what works for me? http://www.easylanguageexchange.com/

08:40 PM Dec 05 2012 |