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Favourite Poetry



Let us share our favourite poetry in english. Please post your favourite poems or other excerpts even your own poetry so that we can read poetry as well as learn english.

04:24 PM Feb 14 2008 |

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THis is my first choice for you people
Hopefully you will enhoy itLaughing

It is true
That you meet someone
Who with that first smile
Becomes your friend
Someone who knows
Nothing about you one day
And all your secret thoughts next day
Someone who asks for nothing
In return for friendship
But friendship itself
Someone who makes it
Just as easy to share sadness
As it is to share joy
I found that rare someone
When I found you
And like a precious memory
A friendship like ours is forever

04:27 PM Feb 14 2008 |



The second goes here

Together we move
Together we play
Together we sing and march this way
We are the young ambassadors
Ambassadors of good will and peace
So let us love with love
Peace and harmony
Yes with harmony
Our pretty and dainty world
Into a heaven, heaven on earth.

04:29 PM Feb 14 2008 |



Just a Christmas poetry learnt from my young son's book


twinkle twinkle little star

how I wonder what you are

up below the world high

like a diamond in the sky

10:31 PM Feb 14 2008 |



I appreciate your poem and it memories me my favorite poem named Hana Senesh


09:06 PM Feb 15 2008 |




to support naar's good idear,i wrote a poetry :

I was thinking,

thinking where should I be,

 just live under parents,or let myslf be free.

I was strugling,

strugling for what should I be,

simplily lead a sustainable life,or make it freaky.

I was asking,

hope god will answer me,

god tell me just let it be.

I don't understand this meaning,

this answer can't meet me,

so I get out to pursue my dream.

12:47 PM Feb 17 2008 |




l love you my baby.very beatiful

10:25 PM Feb 17 2008 |




   hear a noise of silense

he's there,yes he is!

he's calm

he's here,beside

troubles inside

tries to cry

tries to lough

wants to watered lips

wants hugs

he went away

her light fade away

she is crying oceans no dream

no hope

she lost everything

she's me!!!!!


11:03 PM Feb 17 2008 |



The Common Cold
The average unmarried female, basically insecure,
Due to some long frustration may react with psychosomatic symptoms Difficult to endure,
Affecting the upper respiratory track.
In other words just from waiting around for that plain little band of gold,
A person can develop a cold.
You can spray her wherever you figure the streptococci lurk.
You can give her a shot for whatever she's got, but it just won't work.
If she's tired of getting the fish eye from the hotel clerk,
A person can develop a cold.
The female remaining single just in the legal sense
Shows a neurotic tendency, see note . . . note . . . note;
Chronic, organic syndrome, toxic or hyper tense
involving the eye, the ear and the nose and throat.
In other words just from wondering whether the wedding is on or off,
A person can develop a cough.
You can feed her all day with the Vitamin A and the Bromo fizz;
But the medicine never gets anywhere near where the trouble is.
If she's getting a kind of a name for herself and the name ain't his,
A person can develop a cough.
And furthermore just from stalling and stalling and stalling the wedding trip,
A person can develop la grippe.
When they get on the train for Niagara and she can hear church bells chime.
The compartment is air conditioned and the mood sublime.
Then they get off at Saratoga for the fourteenth time,
A person can develop la grippe, la grippe, la post nasal drip,
With the wheezes and the sneezes and a sinus that's really a pip.
From a lack of community property and a feeling she's getting too old,
A person can develop a death of a cold!

03:16 PM Mar 01 2008 |



I am sorry as I was away for long period. hopefuly i will keep in touch.

03:18 PM Mar 01 2008 |




hi,naar.haven't heard you for several days,how are you?have you received the profile i sent to you before?

07:17 AM Mar 02 2008 |