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OK, here are a few mistakes that you should not make.

(1) "ain't"Do not use this word. It is not a proper English word, you will just sound ignorant. The correct word to use is "aren't".

(2) "is" and "are"-Please take care when using these words. Do not mix them up. The word "is" is a singular word, and the word "are" is a plural word. Example: She is going to the mall. They are going to the mall. An exception to this is the word "you"Example: You are very nice.

(3) "alot" Although you will find many English speakers using this term, it is incorrect. A lot is a piece of property, and should not be used to describe the quantity of something. The correct terms to be used are words such as "much" and "many".

Thank you for reading.



11:48 PM Mar 13 2008 |

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good points lizz,

"ain't" is certainly not formal English, but it's good to learn what it means since you will hear it. Sometimes a lot. 

Speaking of a lot…  that actually is correct. Yes a lot is a piece of property, but it also means a quantity of something. It is always two words, however. Never alot. Maybe some think it's not correct because usually in written English, writers use terms like often or "a great deal" 

The opposite would be a little,  


02:02 AM Mar 14 2008 |




I disagree, it depends on how it is used. If one literally means to say that there was a lot full, then it is correct. For example: "I had a lot full of cars." If one where to state "I miss her a lot." then it is incorrect, and it also does not make sense. One cannot have a lot full of missing. Wakata ka?

02:54 AM Mar 14 2008 |