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Harry potter ,do you like the book




when I was in the mid school i strated to read the book.

Eight years passed away i still like it very much,do you like it

i want to talk with you

04:40 PM Mar 15 2008 |

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I watched the movies. They are not the best movies i've ever watched but are good.

The story is interesting and has good special effects that are not inthe book. On the other hand surely the book should be much more detailed

11:34 PM Mar 18 2008 |



I read only first two part, and at those moments i feel that i was present in Hogerts, everything was happening in front of me, yeah…ofcourse it is a excellent book, its a world of imagination, its a place where you just forget everything because it take to the magic world and the impact of magic also affect you.Its lovely…. 

07:32 AM Mar 19 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

I love reading Hary potter.I have read the complete series from book 1 to 7…

its amazing.Full of imagination

09:40 AM Mar 19 2008 |




hehe I have read all of series ....:)) I have loved them.. But this is so interesting  _ I have never watched Harry Porter's films_

Because to read is more entertaining than to watch a film for me…:))

03:09 PM Mar 19 2008 |

anna banana


i have all the HP series books , and i also watched all the HP movies .Aapparently i'm the NO.1 fan of HP. I love it so much.HP show me a magical world  i've never thought about, to me HP is not only a fiction,but a world , it's the best place to get rid of the real world.maybe some people think it's childish but i think that's the very place you can put your pure soul in. then to think , to act and to be moved.HP has magic  really .

10:58 AM Mar 20 2008 |