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Hello from Ukraine!



Haven't been there? Then ask if you want to know about it. And be ready to be asked about your country as well!! Cheers, pals!!!


11:27 AM Nov 14 2006 |

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Czech Republic

Hello from The Czech Republic!!!

Ive never been to Ukraine, but I wonder where do you live. What is your country (town) like?

Im ready to talk about my country, tooWink


11:38 AM Nov 18 2006 |




Hello friends. Would be nice to meet people around the world. You both are european, i´m from South America, but we are sharing the same goal, then we are on the same boat. I hope everyone can help each other, i´m absolutely available to get it.

 I hope to see you soon friends… Grettings from Chile

03:30 PM Nov 18 2006 |



hi Katie!

nice to hear from you, really. i have got a question. can we talk via mail cause i barely have time to log in at the website.

my mailbox is

as for where i live – it's Kiev, the capital. but originally i am from a small town at the north of Ukraine. I came down here to study and as a reslt settled here as well.

by the way i have been to the Czech Rep. twice – in Ostrava in 2005 and in Nove Mesto nad Metuji this summer. Nice country i have to tell you with great people – i have got great memories lafter this.

looking forward to hearing from you



06:56 AM Nov 20 2006 |



Hi hi!

yea, on the same boat. what is your name?

06:57 AM Nov 20 2006 |

Anna Nguyen

Viet Nam

hi, i am anna, nice to talk with you

07:21 AM Nov 21 2006 |




Hi there…my name´s Osvaldo, i´m from Chile. Let´s go on talking, see you soon.

08:13 PM Nov 21 2006 |