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how many languages can u speak nd do u think it is difficult ?



i am studying english aw well as japanese , both of them are not easy to learn.well i hope i can learn morn languages .

how many language can u speake nd how can u manage it ?

thanks a lot

07:26 AM Apr 01 2008 |

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Chinese and studying English now.put on steam!

09:48 AM Apr 01 2008 |


Russian Federation

Russian, Czech, English and now study Italian – every next language is much more easy


12:14 PM Apr 01 2008 |




well so far its english, mandarin, a bit of french here and there, and of course a bunch of chinese dialects XD

irisca is right about every next one being easier. language learning skills are transferable, and knowing one closely related language helps in learning the family of languages, such as knowing french helps you learn portuguese. 

05:54 AM Apr 03 2008 |




spanish and arabic very well,french and english, i tried to lear german…but its very dificult and requires many time

09:17 AM Apr 03 2008 |


Viet Nam

Hello every body in forum.

I'm new member of this website and i see this topic

I can speak Russian fluently but now i work in environment spesk English. I'd just study English only 4 months. so what do you think i can speak English well?

I think I want to made friends with every one to improve speak english more than present.


09:43 AM Apr 03 2008 |




I am living in Spain and I speak Spanish too. I am also studying Catalan and I have studied French and Chinese too.

For me, English is pronunciation-wise difficult. Also  I can never handle "phrasal verbs". As to Spanish, the subjuntive mode is a bit complicated because it doesn't exist in my mother tongue, which is Japanese. Also in Japanese we don't have the articles (the, a or an) and since the rules are similar but different between Spanish and English, now I have no idea of when to put  articles or which article I have to put. 

10:21 AM Apr 03 2008 |



that is so cool many friends can share their experience in studying different languages .

but question is why we study foreign language ?

i study english because of my school .but when i begin to learn that .i find it open another door for me .and it guide me to another new world and life .

so i can talk with all o f u here . thank u !


each one has his or her own special way .

01:12 PM Apr 03 2008 |



Sri Lanka

I can speak English. I speak fairly good Sinhala (the main language in Sri Lanka), but I can't read Sinhala. I can manage a little Tamil, another language used in Sri Lanka. I can follow a bit of Hindi, the main language of India.

I have studied French and German, but I have forgotten most of it. I once spoke to some German Swiss people in French, as I find speaking in French is a little easier than speaking in German.

@anarfent, Yes, the use of articles in Spanish and English may be similar. However, there could be some differences. In French, one would say: elle est professeur; but in English, the same thing is: she is a teacher. The definite article "a" has to be used in English. Just like in Japanese, there are no articles used in Sinhala.

When we speak in a foreign language, we are sometimes influenced by the language we normally use. I can remember a Japanese friend telling me "Thank you very much", for something we would normally just say "Thanks". I was imagining to myself that what she actually wanted to say was:  Domo, arigoto gosai mesu  

01:40 PM Apr 03 2008 |




1.Turkish, ( I live in Turkey and i am a Turkish citizen but not a Turkish)

2.Kurdish, ( I am a Kurdish)

3.Zaza's language ( it is a dialect..but it isn't same with Kurdish..there are a lot of diffirent thing between them.. So it is a new language for me)

4.a little Armenian, (because i am an Armenian-Kurdish)

5.a little Persian..( My mum is a Persian)

6.and now English.

7. Also i would like to learn Chinese or Indonesian

...Turkish and Kurdish are more difficult than others :))....

03:51 PM Apr 03 2008 |