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how could get a high mark of toefl ,i want to study abroad



right now i am studying at university.how can i get a scholarship at usa

03:42 PM Apr 25 2008 |

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United States

The way TOEFL is set up, there is no way to get a high score without actually learning the language, although taking some practice tests usually does help.

I'm thinking of setting up a site to help Chinese people learn English, but it would be such a basic site that I dont' think it would be of much help to you.

07:35 PM Apr 25 2008 |



i want to know the policy about usa university to chinese students.i have not such money to afford me to study abroad .i intend to become  the graduate students in home for two years ,then go to usa by the scholarship ,wowo it is so hard .there is little chance for me

03:23 PM Apr 26 2008 |


United Arab Emirates

yeah i agree with Mrs. aljensen. In fact, any exam need pratices before take it. i have never take an TOEFL exam in my life. But, i took an ILTES exam..

first exam : i failed and i got 4.5 << i didn't even know how the exam will gonna to be.

second one : i got 5 << after a little pratice.

the third time: i got the mark which i needed it with 5.5 << after i kill myself in practices looool :P finally…

Aaljensen ..i disagree with you in that website can teach. OF course people can learn from it. yet, the main thing now wintoborn is to know how the exam will gonna to be? and to find an english teacher to teach you….

i will ask my sister about this exam coz she took it many times and try to find some important iformation which i hope to help you…

;) GOOD LUCK friend …


10:55 AM Apr 27 2008 |



many thanks.how could we keep touch

04:26 AM Apr 28 2008 |



It's really funning,  Aljensen is Mrs? I thought he is a man. Haha, aljensen, I think you are really famous in Ebaby.

07:11 AM Apr 28 2008 |



United States

I'm a man!!!

 Wintoborn – I would say you need to practice listening, that is basically the heart and soul of the TOEFL test.

Getting scholarships to the university might be difficult, but you could look for Chinese-American organizations that would help pay for your studies, or else look for other NGOs and things.

Also, if you are a graduate student who can do productive work for the university (such as work as a research assistant) they will be more likely to give you a free ride – i.e. a scholarship.

You want to go to the US for a doctorate?

07:20 PM Apr 28 2008 |



i don`t have the plan to get a doctorate.i just want to study in usa for a graduate . i prefer  usa education for further study. and i want to change the specialized .i study electronic,but i like to study  futnance class.i read about  it hard to get scholarships.i don`t know wheather it worth costing many years to go to usa.

10:25 AM Apr 29 2008 |


Viet Nam

I did toefl ibt test last year and i got 92. Looking back that time, the only thing i needed is time. You need to practice more, everyday, and everytime. That's all. I'm moving to the US next few months, and toefl is a good point to help me start over again. I'm going to learn Pharmacy and i know toefl is just a condition. All you need is a brave heart and to work hard. Honestly, speaking is the toughest section. I speak well but just got 19 in real test. Listening is essential and needs practice daily.

09:52 AM Feb 09 2009 |



if u have the goal to learn english well .dont care about any kind of test . all tests consist of english language that included listening ,grammer,reading,writting .dont be afraid be calm and self confident will pass any test


02:39 PM Mar 04 2009 |

le hoang

le hoang

Viet Nam

Hi everyone. I am Hoang , and from VietnamI do wat to study abroad, now I am an plastic engineer but I still want to study abroad.I am learning English by myself, cause i have no money for learning in English classes.I am practising listening English by Skype , so I do want to talk to everyone by itIf who want to do that, please contact to me on my Skype accountIt is le.ngoc.hoang1Thank you so much!

02:05 PM Dec 15 2009 |