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(A bit marginal) Asking about Ebaby's vocab "flashcard"



Viet Nam

Being a member of Ebaby, all you guys must have noticed the Vocabulary flashcard on the left hand of your screen whenever you've accessed the website. Looking at new words appearing and followed by examples after each click on the orange arrow just decorates an interesting feature of Ebaby.

There must have been certain troubles with that card, as it always ends up with a series of state showing the word called "null" with "undefined" meaning now. What caused the problem ? Where're our technical supporters ?

03:01 PM Apr 29 2008 |

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Supporters? haha
A month ago I've found out that I cannot delete my own comments on my own photos. 
Although there is a button "delete", it just redirects me to 404-page-not-found page.
I wrote twice – using contact_us link and through e-mail - still no answers! 
I wonder whether there actually is any support team here…

09:34 AM Apr 30 2008 |



Viet Nam

Yeah, they have ;). Thanks a lot.

07:20 PM May 01 2008 |