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<!-==text==begin==-> Hi! It’s me again!:)
Could you please explain to me thedifference between sore and ache? I mean I sayheadache and sore throat. Why can’t I say sorehead and throatache? :)
Thanks a lot!  


09:46 PM Apr 03 2000 |

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United States


I think the difference has to do with internal versus external.  So a headache and a muscle ache are inside the body.

A sore throat is generally caused by the surface of the tissue in the throat having sores.  So if I had a blister it would be a sore just as a sore throat has those white bumps on them.

That is my best guess, I am not 100% sure but that is how I classify my aches, pains and sores.    :)

02:37 AM Apr 03 2009 |